Daily stories gathered from around social media... 26 July 2021

Daily stories gathered from around social media... 26 July 2021
  • 26 July 2021

We want to share with you some of the stories that have crossed our paths as we browse social media platforms on Monday 26 July... as usual we selected a few stories ...


When I read about the vaccine passports for Football last night, I felt sick.(UK)

My son is 21, now working from home full time. He isn't getting the vaccine. He knows my feelings but I also know at such a young age he may want to travel, and with nightclubs getting added to the list of tools of coercion. I've spent all day worrying about how he might be feeling. He's been a season ticket holder since he was 15. All he posts about on her and twitter is football (like me with convid)

He came back from his girlfriends about an hour ago. Went out for a few drinks yesterday. Decided to go clubbing. Left after 10 minutes. He said he's not interested in clubbing. Or sitting in packed pubs. He hasn't even mentioned the football. But then he did say last week he'll cancel his direct debits if they pull a fast one.

The government can try coercion and bribery all they want. They're underestimating the younger generation. Who aren't interested in handing over their money, or body in return for 'privileges'. They'll just find other ways to socialise and live a fulfilled life.


Why my 12 year old was laughing

It’s getting worse isn’t it? Why are 🐑 buying into this? Who would risk serious injury or death just to be able to go to places?

I have accepted that I will no longer be able to fly, I have lost friends of many years over this as sadly they watch tv 😞.

My son and I were the only people on the train on sat mask free, however one woman across from us was eating sweets with her mask on and just kept lifting it up. Blimey, my 12 year old son was laughing at her everytime she did that.

What has the world come to? ... :-(


And in Portugal - when experts advise - but it does not fit the wanted narrative ... what does the Health Director do?

Covid-19: Working group concludes that only young people with risk diseases should be vaccinated.

The position was unanimous among health professionals working in the paediatric area, but the same did not happen with the experts of the technical commission of vaccination against covid-19, which even so defended the majority of this solution. Graça Freitas remodelled the commission that will evaluate the issue again.

Only minors with diseases that constitute a risk for Covid-19 should be vaccinated. This was the unanimous position of the working group created to assess whether young people between 12 and 15 years should be vaccinated against the new corona virus, reveals the Público newspaper.

Experts argue that there is no benefit for young people between 12 and 15 that justify their vaccination, because this serves mainly to protect people from serious illness and death, situations that practically do not occur in young people in this age group. On the other hand, the 12 paediatricians consider that there is still not enough data on the vaccines' safety, since many cases of myocardia (inflammation in the heart) have been registered, in adolescents both in the United States and in Europe, about a month after the first dose of the vaccine.

But unlike on other issues, the result of this unanimous vote was not declared binding. Instead the director of public health (DGS – Graça Freitas) wants a new team of “experts” to reassess the situation.

On Facebook … here’s some of the comments doing the rounds …

  • Reassess the situation? Why? Because you didn't like the conclusion?
  • Did Graça Freitas reshuffle the commission with “paid for experts” in order to get a different conclusion?!!!
  • Oh you don't agree with me? You are replaced ... Subject closed. Welcome to the new normal! It only offers me to say “FDP – filhos da puta”
  • We are left in the hands of criminals.





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