Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm

Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm
  • 22 July 2021

An official UK document that offers a vision for the future of the human race that includes a range of “human augmentation technologies” to improve physical, psychological, and social performance.

As examples highlighted in the attached document that you can find on our site, indicates that augmentation include gene editing for enhanced eye sight, protection against pandemics, improve intelligence, increase strength, or reduce sleep needs. Other augmentations include bioinformatics, brain interfaces, and neurostimulation.


The gist of the document is that these all technologies are being developed and they will be used in military contexts if only to keep up with adversaries. What does that mean for societies and all of us “regular” unmodified humans?

“The imperative to use human augmentation may ultimately not be dictated by any explicit ethical argument, but national interest. Countries may need to develop human augmentation or risk surrendering influence, prosperity to those who do.”


Above it is their argument … read the document and decide for yourself.

I have to ask. Are you really accepting the Covid (SARS-CoV2) as just another vaccine? Guys you are just being considered as collateral damage, if anything goes wrong with you, in this evil project.


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