What will you do when “Tourism” as you know it, is a thing of the past in the Algarve?

What will you do when “Tourism” as you know it, is a thing of the past in the Algarve?
  • 21 July 2021

ASMAA posed that question to local residents across the Algarve in September 2014 when the Algarve was facing some other serious challenges, which had it gone ahead would have had a devastating impact on the tourism sector and local economies.

We asked the same type questions recently, because of the latest risk facing the Algarve (and Portugal) – yes, a few questions around an alleged deadly corona virus and the declared global pandemic to deal with this hypothetical threat.

What has changed?


The questions in 2020 – Different risks same questions!

"What are YOU doing currently to protect the Algarve economy - that is totally dependent on Tourism – from the threats and risks of the government reaction to a WHO declared global pandemic because of an alleged deadly virus?”

“How are YOU going to protect your family, kids and grandkids when Tourists stops coming and you can no longer rely on their spent to sustain you and your family?”

“Are YOU going to DO NOTHING and just stand by and let it happen?

Or are YOU going to support these that are currently fighting in the trenches, defending not only your interests but also these of all the local residents and investors?

Have YOU given some though of what the economy of the Algarve will look like in 5 or 10 years time?

In the past few weeks we have conducted another survey. We investigated what are many of those that we had interviewed in September 2014 were doing about the latest threat to the Algarve economy.

To our amazement nothing had changed.

Here are some of the reply’s we have received in 2014 and now

  1. My parents are not interested at all – they just following government “orders”. As far as they are concerned it’s not their problem, they are now retired. They are not interested in what is happening. I, on the other hand am very concerned about it. I ask myself how it will affect me once I leave university and start looking for a job. Will it mean that I have to emigrate to find employment?

  2. My dad (or other family member) works for the “Camara / Red Cross / Mesericórdia / Bombeiros, etc.” and he/she is scared that if he/she talks about it he/she could loose his/her job. So he/she just shuts up. He/she does not agree with all the confusing government “instructions” that keep on changing day-to-day, week to week. But he/she does not know what can he/she do without jeopardising his/her job. I’m confused. I always respected my dad (mom, aunt, etc), looked up to him/her. Now, I’m just concerned about my future ... if there will be a future. I’m still young, but probably I’ll have to emigrate like so many others.

  3. My mom said: “Someone will take care of it, we do not need to do anything"

  4. My granny said: It’s not going to affect us and just shrugged off.

  5. My dad said: “It is the government responsibility. It is not ours to question what they are doing or why”

  6. My mom said: "I’ll wait and see before I do anything. Wants to see what her friends in the village will do before doing anything”

  7. My dad said that he would sign a petition if there was one going. That’s enough! Someone will deal with it.

  8. My parent’s new nothing about this. But my dad believes that the government is doing what’s best for us. But I do not believe it! The government is just looking after themselves - their pockets and interests.

  9. My family is living in total fear of dying from this virus. They even use masks inside the home. My mother is driving me crazy with all the disinfecting in our home. My home smells like a hospital.

  10. In relation to the vaccines – the most common reasons we received in priority order was:
    1. I want to travel, go to concerts, and be free to go wherever I want to go.
    2. I want us to get back to normal.
    3. It’s just a normal vaccine. It will protect others, and me and then I can get my life back.


Many have commented about the apathy of the Portuguese nation.

Above answers gives one an inkling as to why the apathy, and we are sure that the government is well aware of above reactions and behaviours, and that they are counting on it continuing, as they drip-feed more and more Orwellian controlling laws and directives.


Will your answers be the same as these above?

What will you tell your kids and grandkids in the future when they can’t find employment locally and have to emigrate? What will you say when they ask you “Why did you not do something”?
Is this really what you want to see happen?

  • No work for them, no future for you and your loved ones.
  • When you have to sell your house below what you paid for it, because the market has collapsed?
  • When you cant pass-on your business to your kids because you went bankrupt due to lack of tourists.
  • When you cant feed yourself and your family.
  • When tourist stops coming to the Algarve, because they no longer can travel due to travel bans and other restrictions.
  • When you are finally forced to leave …

All you have to do, to be faced with above scenarios is DO NOTHING!

Is this what you really want? For you, your children, your family?

There’s still a short window left for the people to rectify this situation.

But blind compliance IS NOT THE ANSWER as they will take more and more of your rights away until you have NO rights at all!

Start ASKING the RIGHT questions from those in control of our country!

DEMAND answers in WRITING.

WRITE to everyone in government, in parleament, local councils, health departments, etc. asking pertinent questions ... 

Research and then research some more ...

All it’s needed is for everyone to unite and take action against the attacks that we as a community are being subjected to.

Sign petitions, take part in manifestations, share information, join community groups or create one yourself … there’s so much you can do to help the world get out of this vice-grip it finds itself in right now … it’s the only way for every one of us to really get our real freedoms back.


But whatever you do ... there has to be NO VIOLENCE PLEASE!




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