PCR Tests – The Achilles heel of the “Pandemic”

PCR Tests – The Achilles heel of the “Pandemic”
  • 27 July 2021

On 21 July 2021 the CDC reported that the PCR test does NOT differentiate between SARS and Influenza (how interesting) … and that it was withdrawing its emergency use authorisation request in USA from 31 December 2021.


One has to ask – was the decision a direct result of the many legal battles that are challenging the use of PCR tests? And which questions Drosten's report?


There’s no doubt that the discredited Drosten testing procedures adopted by governments worldwide have a lot to answer for, although many countries continue to follow its directives unabated. It will be interesting to see how governments around the world respond to the CDC announcement.

But in the meantime, more than one year later, the result is that the world has been left in a total economic mess ... total global wreckage - Economic Ruin, Social Chaos, Lost Freedoms, and in the midst of it all we also have aggressive censorship when challenging the official narrative which is based on Covid cases resulting from "Not-Fit-for-Purpose" PCR tests.


Government leaders must be held accountable

There’s little doubt that the tests governments relied upon as the basis to lock everything down are now shown that they were not fit for purpose.

So many voices were silenced that were warning against its use. But governments even faced with factual evidence, continued to use them anyway and in the process created havoc. They recked countless businesses, ruined people’s lives because people could no longer pay their bills, unemployment soared, the number of suicides are out of the scale, family violence, drug and alcohol depency increased thousand fold, other health issues were put on stand-by or blatantly ignored.

In fact all those measures destroyed the economy, mental and physical health of so many, and destroyed millions of livelihoods throughout the entire planet.

Was it worth doing so? That's a question that demands answers from governments everywhere.


And mainstream media, is not blameless either.

Mainstream media must be held accountable too. TV networks, print media and radio for months on end, 24x7 they were and continue to promote fear. Effectively running propaganda to brainwash the populous with Covid cases and deaths as its foundation. Cases that are based on PCR test results, the press kept on promoting their value with countless videos and images of nasal swabs and its supposed benefits.


They promoted the pseudo-science punted by well paid for “Medical Professionals and other Experts” that in our opinion are nothing more than “snake oil salesman’s” and “quacks”!


The media continuously reported that the PCR testing was “safe and effective” when it wasn’t.

Those in alternative media, and those voices warning about the PCR tests were vilified, smeared as “conspiracy theorists” and “the tin foil hatters.” Those warning voices have been and continue to be censored, kicked-off social media platforms, and worse, for no other reason than for reporting that these tests and the disease itself were all being overblown by the media, and that the test results in particular were totally unreliable. But mainstream media with their well funded “Fact Checking" contracts, promoted those warnings as “Fake News” and “Misinformation”.

So, now what?

Well, the first thing that everyone has to do is to STOP BEING TESTED; as it is a fraudulent demand by governments.


I know, I know, you’re one of those “Trust the Science” types. But since when is science a religion that you have to trust and which you have to believe in?


Governments must PROVE to all citizens beyond a reasonable doubt that the foundations for their Orwellian and Draconian measures are based on Real Science, on Real Facts and not on damaging speculation.

The bottom line is that governments can no longer base their decisions on false information and lack of true scientific evidence ... they have to open the scientific debate. But one thing the governments can no longer do, is to deny you your freedom to live, to breathe, to work, to study, to run a business, or to enjoy life.





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