Daily stories gathered from around social media... 20 July 2021

Daily stories gathered from around social media... 20 July 2021
  • 21 July 2021

We want to share with you some of the stories that have crossed our paths as we browse social media platforms on Tuesday 20 July... we've just selected a few ...

A comment from someone on Facebook

I was having a think as a result of one of my recent posts on FB. I have been noticing an increase by those who have received the magic potion, in hatred, a Messiah complex (believing they are saving the world by getting it), wishing ill on people who don’t or who have doubts, mocking all those who have a different opinion, extreme anger, fear and frustration with those who question, a total lack of empathy and a generic and extreme increase in really low and sad vibes.

After one person commented on my post with the usual insults - I won’t bore you with details as you have most likely received hundreds of similar comments - I was about to justify and defend myself.

And for the third time today, instead of defending myself and giving in to being triggered, I simply wrote “Thank you for your thoughts + person’s name. Sending you love and light ❤️💫”. And guess what? One person thanked me instead of insulting me and the others didn’t reply.

So what do you say, people? How about we do this?

Let’s not get triggered and let’s come to this from a place of empathy. It’s in our nature to want to defend ourselves, but if we step back and acknowledge people’s fear (which is where all their low vibe comes from) and literally send them love and light, we are automatically raising the vibration.

Try it just once today, even on posts that trigger you, and twice tomorrow and three times on the next day. There are lots of us, if we all do it, maybe we can start making a change in the vibration. What do you say?

Another comment on Facebook

Misinformation on social media and no accountability for it. Misinformation with the media and no accountability for it. They’re all funded by ultra wealthy to keep us (the working middle class) fighting with each other so we’re not focusing on what they’re doing. They’re the ones standing in our way. Liberal or conservative, democrat or republican these titles are how they keep us divided.

Comment from someone holidaying in Greece

I'm currently in Greece on holiday. Just been turned away from eating (outside) at a bar because I've not had the jab. The owner asked to see an app that showed vaccine proof.
He wasn't interested in the fact I had a antigen test that showed negative this morning. My greatest fear, Is here..
What is world becoming?

I can’t remember any situation ever where my medical history has been anyone else’s business but my own…now it appears it’s everyone’s business…. Including Joe public on the street…. Its the start of a very slippery slope ...

Just heard that there's new rules in Cyprus which are just as bad. Only the jabbed can stand up in a venus and dance... Unjabbed have to remain seated... I have never heard such STUPIDITY
And u have to test yourself every 72 hours for proof , so u can leave the house.

I mean you couldn't make this shit up

The bottom line is that all the businesses that are coercing you to "comply" - they don't deserve your custom. After all its because there are customers that they are in business.

One friend of mine, has now opted for showing "those types of business owners" the first autopsy report of a jabbed person instead. May be that's an option that we can all use too.

Here's the link ...

Comment from an anonymous reader posted on the "Observador" newspaper

Just today, I drove by Cascai shopping mall to swap a purchase and I took the opportunity to drink a coffee on one of those normal eating areas in shopping malls, so outside the restaurant area.

I ordered a coffee and a "Pastel de Nata" and the waiter told me if I wanted to sit at one of the tables (curiously all empty), while chairs that are right next to the counter had quite a few people sitting nearly one of top of each other, I had to provide a Covid certificate or a Covid test. As I was not prepared to put-up with this demand, I left the coffee and "Pastel de Nata" and decided instead to pop into a small coffee shop on my way home - with no need to show certificates, testing or masks.

Just before going to the coffee shop at the mall, I had changed a clothing item at Massimo Dutti. Walked in, changed the shorts, tried the new ones, went to the till and walked away with no bother - with the exception of having to wear the freaking mask.

I will not give into to the madness - it might make sense for an individual standing next to the counter one on top of each other, drinking coffees and eating cakes, but you can't sit alone at a table far away from others. What about an elderly person, or someone with a physical disability without a certificate or without a test? Its madness - and all of this in the name of combating a pandemic and suspected science.

Nothing makes sense. I can't give in to the madness of accepting what doesn't make sense as something that makes sense. I can't bend to the insane measures of this government and Dr. Graça Freitas our health director. The alegations that its all to fight a pandemic is a lie, which makes the disease a fabulous mess of untruths and irrationality!

Anyone who accepts this madness as normal can only find themselves in the same mental and physical status of a drug addict. For the owners of businesses that wants to do the governments dirty work by enforcing irrational measures ... I wonder how long they will stay in business. 





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