• 16 July 2021

When society is confronted with so many untruths, and so much fiction and so many are still not able to see the truth behind this pseudo pandemic, there comes a time when we just say enough is enough. So far and no further.

The reality is that many appear to be under a mass hypnotic spell, and unabled to break free ...



Leave us alone, we've had enough!

  • We do not want to comply with the stupid measures anymore. We're sick and tired of so many rules, so many tests.
  • We're sick and tired of so many false claims around this "virus".
  • We're sick and tired of pretending that the PCR tests are worth more than actually being sick, and calling the number of false positive test results the number of infected people.
  • We are sick and tired of being locked up at home, 14 days at a time, even those that have been vaccinated, even though we are not sick. Even if we don’t have a cough, nor a sneeze, or even a cold. But they keep us "healthy" people locked up at home.
  • We are tired of being tested - its like they looking for an excuse to up the case numbers, its not about a virus, its all about "cases".
  • We're sick of being slaves to test results instead of living our lives in freedom.
  • We're sick of the numbers, every day, every hour. We're sick of listening to you main stream media 24x7x365 days!
  • We are sick of being managed by germaphobes and hypochondriacs, generators of disease in themselves and in others.
  • We're sick of wearing masks.
  • We're tired of pretending that with Covid-19 we're all going to die.
  • We're tired of pretending that it's the most serious disease that ever existed.
  • We're tired of pretending that only now there is a serious disease, only now there are wards filled with sick people, only now there is intensive care needed for some with really serious illnesses.
  • We're sick of pretending that no one else suffers, no one else dies from other illnesses or causes.
  • We're tired of you people thinking that only you are right and that the others have to just "eat and shut up."
  • We are tired of pretending that we don't exist as human beings, that we don't exist as people.
  • We are tired of seeing those who have spread so much fear and so much horror go unpunished.
  • We are tired of pretending that the measures that have been invented for this pandemic, with rules and regulations that change every day, lacking any sense.
  • We are tired of being judged, of being blamed, of being fined, when the only one to blame for the disease is the political, mainstream media and Big Tech "viruses".
  • We are tired of pretending that we can stop the progression of a normal respiratory virus.
  • We are tired of being forced to stop breathing fresh air.
  • We are tired of hearing you every day talking, never listening to us, ignoring us all.
  • We are tired of hearing you pretend that it is okay to lock children and young people in their homes.
  • We are sick of hearing you and pretend that it is possible to plan weddings, christenings, and other life events when you force your unscientific directives on us.
  • We are sick and tired of you frivolously creating so much anxiety and so much depression.
  • We're sick of you bossing us around, pretending you know better than we do about what's best for each of us.
  • We are sick of this dystopian society you have created.


Leave us in peace - we are many, and we are those of us that can see what is really taking place!

If you are living in fear. Then test yourselves as often as you want, get as far away from your family, your friends, other human beings as you want. Wear as many masks as you want, one, two, three or more, even if they no longer let you breathe.

And to all those "enforcing" the official narrative. Live your life with your stupid rules and regulations, and let us live ours with our joy, our freedom, our happiness, and our will to live. You can stay with your fear of dying. But we leave us to live the life we want to live.

We have had enough of your fear, of the government manipulation and of the lies!


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