Conclusions in both studies demonstrated that natural immunity provided longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalisation.

You can read in this article brief responses from Dr Mike Yeadon's & Dr Meryl Nass to the FDA Covid19 approval, released yesterday.

Did Moderna and Pfizer Intentionally lose the Clinical Trial Control Group testing Vaccine efficacy and safety? Did they? Sadly, it appears that it is so! The question that needs answering is WHY would they do that?

With the recent announcement that the COVID-19 vaccine Spikevax was approved for children aged 12 to 17 in EU, (although still in trial phase until 2023 and authorisation is in fact for an experimental vaccine) you are now faced with a highly consequential decision: whether or not to consent to your child getting this injection. 

The first-ever autopsy of a person vaccinated against COVID-19, who tested negative 18 days later upon hospital admission but at 24 days after the VAX, has revealed viral RNA was found in almost every organ of the body.

It was heartwarming to read the reasons why Israeli rabbi Chananya Weissman will not be taking the vaccine.