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ALERT: LED Lampposts that are 5G enabled are springing up all over Portugal

In this article we are going to focus on the blue/white LED street lights that are 5G ready and are springing up all over Portugal.



What do you need to look out for? Street lights that are new and have a little box on top of them. To give you an example of what to look out for, see the photos we've taken in Lagos, but you may have lamps from other manufacturers, which means they will not be identical to this ones.

Do you want to put yourself and your family at risk from RF radiation? Radiation so pervasive that it will be like living inside a microwave oven? (Link here for an article about the risks)


Img 5363

IoT Lagos

and a screen-grab from the suppliers marketing video on YouTube. (link to video) (minute 1:40)



Please take photos and email it to us with detail of town, council area and street name.


A synopsis about this IoT 5G street lamps

Owlet ‘IoT’ Street Lighting Control System

During our walks in the streets of Lagos, Portimão, etc … we became aware that the local councils are very busy changing our street lamps, cutting trees, etc.. It surprise us (or not), that this trend can be found all over Portugal, especially in the main council areas from north to south.

This change has been implemented without any public discussion or consultation taking place about the risks these LED street lamps brings with them which affect not only human lives, but also wildlife and insect circadian rhythms and hormone production. The exchange of old street lamps for these LED 5G ready street lamps was and is being done without any discussions with residents as why are they really changing them.

In this article we are going to focus on the transmitters that can now be found on top of street lights (in Lagos we know they are using Owlet ‘IoT’ Street Lighting Control System – they are positioned on the top of the new lampposts that are springing up everywhere across the council region).

The spin so far coming from some “enlightened technical staff” is that it is “just” a ‘lighting control system’ nothing more. Its green and according to the technical people it will save the council energy costs by dimming the street lights for example.

If informed of the real purpose, perhaps any support for the potential energy ‘saving’ might be much outweighed by the very real dangers of further increasing our RF (radio frequency i.e. microwave frequency) exposure with a web of inescapable transmitters positioned on every street and outside children’s, elders bedrooms, and let's not forget your own bedroom.

Most people have not even noticed the transmitters yet (and are therefore uninformed by the Council and by the Government), let alone have been given the opportunity to question what is the real need for them. There's no doubt that Coulcils prompted by the Government and on instructions from the European Union, are keen to roll them out under cover of this lamppost upgrade.

Co-incidentally the drive for Smart Cities, IoT/IoE (Internet of Things / Internet of Everything) and the driving technology of 5G to support the so called "digital economy" has seen billions of tax-payers money being spent on unneccesary upgrades.


At ASMAA we focus on sharing information that we believe is important to you, to safeguard our human race, nature, and the planet. We do that so that we can raise awareness and at the same time stimulate debate, open-up the discussion about serious issues and force our government to be more transparent and inclusive in its decision making process.




+4 # Peter 2020-03-09 18:50
In short : The Schréder Owlet IoT is a remote control system for monitoring, metering and managing a lighting network. They use Radio Frequency communications and GPS location techniques. There is nothing that I can see in the company videos and documents that they use a mobile network of any type, other than the photo above mentions 2.5G and 5G. IoT implies 5G so the company may be moving in this direction. The unit on the top of the light street lights do not indicate a 5G broadcasting ability. Pleased to read that ASMAA is investigation further - maybe speak with Lagos Cámera about the light units. There will be someone there who knows the specifications of the street lights shown above and someone who has control of the lights through a GUI.
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-2 # ASMAA 2020-03-09 19:43
If you've seen the videos and read their mark documentation its quite clear that they are integrating 5G into this specific unit as its the only way currently that they can deliver on their promises.

Yes we are indeed following up using multiple avenues, but afraid we not getting many answers out of councils (for now) ... but we will. :-)
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0 # Debra 2020-03-09 15:48
Just drove from Paderne to Albufeira on the Estrada de Ferreiras and noticed quite a few of these. Will take some photos and send
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0 # ASMAA 2020-03-09 15:51
Thanks ...
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+3 # TT 2020-03-09 09:50
Could it not be that these are simply wi-fi enabled lamp posts to enable remote-controll ed switching? Has anyone done a search on the part number of the "device" on the lamp post? I see it say IoT (Internet of Things).
A small drone could perhaps be used to get more information.
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+4 # ASMAA 2020-03-09 10:28
Yes, we've done the research and will be publishing info about the suppliers specs and other related data. But we a small team, so please bear with us.
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