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Alert: Matosinhos is the first Portuguese city with 5G coverage


NOS, the Portuguese telecommunications company in partnership with Chinese giant Huawei, has fully covered Matosinhos with 5G infrastructure. Matosinhos is the "first" city in Portugal to have this new type of telecommunications network.

The Portuguese telecommunications company NOS announced in November 2019, that it has fully covered Matosinhos with 5G infrastructure, in partnership with Huawei, a Chinese mega technological company, making Matosinhos “the first city” of fifth generation mobile technology “in Portugal”.


NOS press release states, and we quote:

“Our 5G network is already fully operational in Matosinhos. This launch, a first in the country, is being run as a pilot, and is already accessible to the local municipality, companies and research centres in the area”.

The company further stated that the coverage of Matosinhos with 5G was made “in partnership with Huawei”.

“By providing the city of Matosinhos with a 5G network, we are positioning ourselves at the forefront of the implementation of this new technology and taking a leading role in the innovation associated with smart cities and the development of 5 generation networks”, they continued.



The NOS 5G network in Matosinhos uses the spectrum in the 3.5GHz band recommended by the National Communications Authority (Anacom) for testing purposes.

“The connection between NOS and Matosinhos municipality was deepened by being a member of the task group responsible for the first Technological Free Zone (ZLT) in Portugal. The task group is responsible for the development and testing of technological solutions, based on the fifth mobile generation in partnership with entities such as CEIIA – Centro de Engenharia e Desenvolvimento de Produto”, says the company.

The 5G infrastructure in Matosinhos is composed of a network of about 20 antena stations covering the city, as well as the entire Technological Free Zone between the City of Porto Park, the Port of Leixões, the parish of Senhora da Hora and the NorteShopping commercial area, the company says.


Source: Lusa

Date: 22 October 2019

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