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How is it possible that 5G is already in 378 cities in 34 countries?

Don’t you find it strange the fact that the 5G roll-out is happening at the same time across the world? How is it possible that its all taking place at the same time? And with very little public disclosure, massive lack of transparency and no public consultations.

But the world is waking up to the risks to human health and the environment.


Current situation


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South Korea has the highest number of cities with 5G availability, followed by China, the US, and the UK, according to a report from network testing provider VIAVI. The report indicates the progress already done by the telecoms companies in the spread of 5G coverage across the globe.


Its clear that telecommunication companies around the world are in a race to deploy 5G across the world using the marketing spin of faster speeds and lower latency.


VIAVI in its report "The State of 5G Deployments" said that 5G has been deployed in 378 cities across 34 countries as of January 2020.

Leading the pack is South Korea with coverage in 85 cities. China takes second place with 57 cities, followed by the US with 50 and the UK with 31. The remaining countries in the top ten for 5G are Saudi Arabia, Spain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Australia, Germany, and Romania.

Looking at regions, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) tops the list with 168 cities with 5G networks. Asia is second with 156 cities, while the Americas is in third with 53 cities. These 5G rollouts include both mobile and fixed wireless 5G networks.

In February 2018, only two service providers had launched pre-commercial 5G services with limited availability, while only 28 service providers reported that they were in field trials with 5G architecture. In early 2019, VIAVI reported that a total of 13 commercial 5G networks had been launched during 2018 in the following countries: Australia, Finland, Kuwait, Lesotho, Poland, Qatar, South Korea, UAE, and the US.

In its latest research report, VIAVI found that a number of carriers are launching 5G in the largest population centers. For example, as many as five communications service providers have been rolling out 5G in major cities such as New York and Los Angeles.



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