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Fighting 5G roll-out: What can you do to help? Start your own group in your town.

There are many ways that you can get involved in the campaign. Here are three things that YOU can do TODAY to get you started: Write to your local and national newspapers. If you have a local radio - contact them. Lobby your local, regional and national political decision makers.

 Start Your Own Local Anti-5G Group

Starting your own group to push back against 5G is easier than you think. Of course, we recommend joining an existing group in your area if you can (and already exists), but if no one else is picking up the ball in your residential area, it may be up to you to do so.


Here are five steps to get you started:

1. Learn the facts about 5G. Read the information about 5G that is already on our website, so you can acquaint yourself with scientific studies on wireless exposure and human health. You can also follow the information on 5G Facebook groups.

2. Watch "Generation Zapped." This powerful documentary film covers the basics of wireless radiation and its impacts on people. You can buy or stream the video online. We recommend you get your own copy so you can show it to friends and share it with local officials.

3. Invite some friends or neighbours over to talk about the issue of 5G and wireless radiation. You might want to show them the "Generation Zapped" trailer, share a copy of one of our flyers. Explain that citizen groups all over the country are pushing back against 5G. Collect email addresses (ironically, email and social media are our best organizing tools) and promise to be in touch.

4. Print out your own flyers (feel free to use ours as templates) with the name and web address of your group, and hand them out at public events, town meetings, school events, street fairs and other places where people congregate. You will be surprised how many people share your concern about 5G and will want to learn more. Encourage them to join your group.

5. Show up at your local council (Câmara) meetings. It's critical that local officials are aware of the growing opposition to 5G in their communities. Give them copies of 5G fliers. If you can, lend (don't give) them a copy of "Generation Zapped" to watch, or offer to show it to town officials at a convenient location and time.

Remember to always post about your group's activities and events on social media.


And here are a few more things that YOU can do:

  1. Organise a #PortugalDizNaoao5G #5GFreeZone talk in your town - at your community centre, workplace, college, school, local cafe, local club, etc – download campaign material and share it with your audience -
  2. Download, Print and Distribute Flyers and Posters in your community -
  3. Join the protests and days of solidarity
  4. Organise an information stall in your town - in the street, market, community center, etc
  5. Get other civic organisations in your area to colaborate with ASMAA on this campaign
  6. Share the campaign info with your family and friends via E-mail, on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter
  7. Sign the petition(s) online and get your friends and family to do the same

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