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5G refers to the “5th generation” wireless technology. Its intended purpose is to provide faster and higher capacity transmissions to carry the massive amount of data that industry projects will be generated from the Internet of Things (IoT), smart cities, driverless cars, video streaming, augmented reality and more.


It is not clear yet how 5G will be achieved, so at present, it is being used more as a marketing term. What is clear is that the plan is for 5G to include the higher millimetre wave (MMW) frequencies never before used for Internet and Telecommunications technology.


These waves do not travel well through buildings, so according to industry, 5G would require hundreds of thousands of new so-called “small cells” aka Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs). (In 2017, a number of wireless companies stated that 5G signals can travel 3000 feet – over half a mile – which would seem to contradict the original rationale for needing small cells.) Regardless of what the facts are, the wireless telecom industry is aggressively seeking to outfit lampposts and utility poles around the country with microwave antennas beaming hazardous radiation next to, and into our homes, 24/7.

5G cell tower antennas will be supplemented by and integrated with space-based communications systems, aka satellites. Thousands of new satellites are scheduled to be launched by 2020 to ensure that every inch of the planet is sufficiently irradiated to support ubiquitous high-speed wireless capability.

In light of the robust and ever growing independent science showing adverse health effects from radiofrequency/microwave radiation, the densification of our neighborhoods, communities, and the world with 5G-infrastructure complemented by the saturation of our skies with satellites may prove to be a very ill-conceived idea.




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Projeto de regulamento do 5G está em consulta pública por 30 dias úteis. Os interessados podem enviar contributos até 25 de março de 2020, por escrito e em língua portuguesa, preferencialmen te por correio eletrónico para o endereço . https://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?contentId=1502250
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