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ASMAA board members for the 2019-2024 mandate cycle.

ASMAA is happy to announce that the following members form the new leadership of the association, effective until 11 May 2024.

Main Board

President: Jean-Jacques de Coninck
Vice-President: Joseph Stokes
Secretary: Colin Weeks


President: Laurinda Seabra (Overall responsability)
Vice-President: Bernadette Abbott (Area of special responsability: Social)
Treasurer: Alison Webster
Suplement: Leon Abbott
Suplement: Sabine Burdziak

Fiscal Board

President: Roger Mann
Vice-President: René Laudi
Secretary: Gary Stuart


External Accountant/Auditor: Andrez & Fernandes, Lda (Silvia Andrez - Portimão)


"Under the guidance of these officers, the association is well positioned to serve as the voice representing the interests of a diversified community of people across Portugal, continue to fight for the protection of our environment and its ecosystems, and continue to focus on ensuring the long-term economic sustainability of local communities” said Laurinda Seabra.


“Since 2012, the years has shown that ASMAA grew to be an acknowledged leader and a force to be reckoned with in the Portuguese civil society arena. With the new appointments we are privileged to have the best leading us in our mission to ensure that we will continue to meet our objectives in the future.”


ASMAA over the next couple of months will introduce some innovative projects, campaigns and initiatives. Some of the new changes will be gradually introduced as we progress in our new path, others will take place in the next couple of weeks.


Our vision remains: that ASMAA may be the light of the future in this world kept in the darkness. With all of your support it will!


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