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Map of the beaches in Costa Vicentina - Aljezur

The coastline in the Costa Vicentina is essentially a rocky one, interrupted by long stretches of sand around the mouths of the main rivers and streams. Here, the freshwater mixes with the saltwater, making changes in the landscape and opening up possibilities of different life forms.

The cliffs stand tall and proud, carved out of schist and greywacke, their thick grey colour contrasting with the pearl-coloured hues of
the sand.

This vast coastal plateau, shaped by the constant advances and retreats of the sea over countless geological eras, is exposed and vulnerable to the waves and winds from the sea, resulting in a wide range of curious rock formations and very specialised living beings.

The coastal strip in this municipality, known as the Costa Vicentina, forms part of a Natural Park that includes some unique natural heritage, which in some cases has remained untouched by the actions of humankind. Adventure sports are particularly favoured by this coastline, with activities ranging from surfing to diving, but also including paragliding and sports fishing.


beaches map


The Costa Vicentina is also highly popular amongst those who appreciate good fish and seafood, which are caught here using the traditional, non-industrial methods, most notably the picking of gooseneck barnacles, an activity carried out by men who were once known as “Warriors of the Sea”.

The mist and clouds of the Atlantic coast invite you to discover their secrets.



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