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List of Worldwide Fracking Country Bans

This is a list of countries that has placed moratoriums on fracking over the years, or that has banned fracking outright in their countries. This list was compiled keepwatersafe.org.

Activism: Spirit levelling… a bubble toss

Tina wrote the words below, but of everything I have read about why activists are born, the words below ... clearly explains who I am and why I am an activist. I could not do it better ... thank you Tina from Nanashire in the UK. (Laurinda Seabra)

A new report recently released confirms that oil and gas industry is using flawed research to promote fracking.

Disclaimer: “This article is just a satire piece showing that record setting is indeed a matter of public interest – any resemblance to reality is just a figment of your imagination”

Just heard that Oklahoma is now considered a high risk area. Main reason is due to all the fracking taking place in the past few years. Now, taking into account that Portugal is highly sceismic ... and we will be exposed to offshore as well as onshore fracking. This is a very worrying factor.

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