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Saying NO to Oil Exploration: Norway taken to court over Arctic Oil

In an unprecedented move, Norway one of the countries used by Portugal as a fantastic example to justify opening our ocean to oil and gas exploration, has been taken to court by Greenpeace and Nature & Youth.

Greenpeace stated during a live broadcast on 18 October:

Statoil, an oil company owned by the Norwegian state, plans to aggressively expand oil drilling in the melting Arctic. According to us, “This oil puts Norwegians homes and families in grave danger as our planet simply can’t afford new oil. That’s why we are taking Arctic oil to court.” "In a historic court case we, together with Nature & Youth, are suing the Norwegian government for allowing Statoil and other oil companies to expand oil drilling in the Arctic."


There’s no doubt that with this legal action the Climate Paris Agreement is being put to the test.



Earlier this year, for the first time in more than two decades, Norway offered up vast new areas of the region to oil producers, including UK firms Centrica, Tullow and BP. This move, according to Greenpeace represents a violation of the global climate change agreement signed in Paris late last year, and means the Norwegian government is failing in its constitutional duty to secure the public’s right to a healthy and safe environment.


The thrust of the Paris Agreement is clear: “the age of fossil fuels has started drawing to a close.”


Norway, in fact, was the first developed country to ratify the deal, way back in June, with other nations following suit — bringing the Agreement into force in November.

Perhaps Norway is content with the way the world views it; earning plaudits for climate pronouncements as it continues to engage with the oil industry far from the public eye. But ratifying the Paris Agreement must have consequences not only for Norway, but also for Portugal, especially as Portugal insists on launching its own fossil fuels exploration projects late in the oil and gas race.



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