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Disclaimer: “This article is just a satire piece showing that record setting is indeed a matter of public interest – any resemblance to reality is just a figment of your imagination”

If you are an EU national living in another EU country, you have the right to vote and to stand as a candidate in municipal and European Parliament elections held in that country. The conditions are the same for you as for nationals. So, if you live in Portugal you have the same rights as a Portuguese citizen.

Just heard that Oklahoma is now considered a high risk area. Main reason is due to all the fracking taking place in the past few years. Now, taking into account that Portugal is highly sceismic ... and we will be exposed to offshore as well as onshore fracking. This is a very worrying factor.

The past few weeks has once again highlighted the need for ethical practice education in Portugal, because ethics do not apply only to large issues it applies across the board in our opinion. Its a case of an individual is either ethical or not. Its a case of facing issues and making the right ethical decision even if the end "could" be used to justify unethical methods being applied.

Eastern and Western Algarve under attack – our government early Christmas present for the people of the Algarve.

Season’s Greetings everyone - Boas Festas

Hustle, bustle and “busyness” all came to pass!

I find myself moved each year at this time by the willingness of people to slow down a bit, to enjoy each other at Christmas parties, Christmas celebrations, and to be generous on Christmas day itself with the exchange of gifts.

Dear Friends,

This last week we had a massive wake-up call when an offshore Jack-up platform was seen anchored off the coast of Portimão in Praia da Rocha for nearly a week. The fact that the platform was in the water, was brought to our attention by many of you and this went viral on Facebook.

On 9 July 2014, Repsol’s President announced that the Spanish multinational will launch its offshore drilling operations for gas next year.

Antonio Brufau stated to journalist after a meeting with Portuguese President Cavaco Silva, that there are very good gas deposits in the Algarve, which are in close proximity to the ones that they have been explored in Spain by Repsol. We want to see Portugal, if indeed gas deposits are found, to hold vast gas reserves in the Algarve.

The image above shows, what seems to be, a Jack-up Support Platform seen from Praia da Rocha in Portimao since the 26th of August - It all started with a message on Facebook, asking if they had started with the exploration of oil and gas, as there is a platform offshore just off Praia da Rocha. This was followed by one of our members asking if a vessel they had seen at sea could be a seismic survey ship?

Insurance companies are well known for evaluating risks so as to minimise any claims made against them, especially if it will impact negatively on their bottom line profits.

Source: Europe DAILY, Monday 18 August 2014

The application of the polluter pays principle to offshore oil and gas operations is "extremely limited" across Europe, with many claims likely to fail in the event of a major accident, according to a major study for the European Commission.

When the Prestige oil tanker sank northwest of the Iberian Peninsula in November 2002, it spilled 63 000 tonnes of oil and more than a thousand kilometres of Spanish, French and Portuguese coastline were affected.

This is a warning to all our members that have a website. I got thinking again about website security when my Twitter account got hacked the other day.

Nowadays we hear a lot of complaints about businesses not making enough money in the Algarve – blame is on austerity measures, the crisis, government, competition – you name it, its always something else or someone else’s fault.

Percurso Cultural da Vila de Odeceixe

Odeceixe abre-nos as portas do Algarve. É a primeira localidade algarvia depois de terras alentejanas.

Aldeia de pescadores, a Carrapateira inclui um conjunto de áreas naturais muito sensíveis do ponto de vista ambiental e paisagístico, constituindo, um forte atractivo turístico no contexto regional.

For the past year we have been receiving information that some of our members had found evidence of oil (crude) in the beaches in the Costa Vicentina.

Aljezur - Monte Clerigo Beach

Situated next to the fishing village of Monte Clerico, in the Aljezur municipality, this calm crystal blue sea and shredded coast beach is inserted in the Costa Vicentina Natural Park. A natural reserve area.

Aljezur - Vale Dos Homens Beach

Praia do Vale dos Homens is situated close to Rogil, the borough capital. A true pearl of natural beauty and complete calm. Limited by tall cliffs of schist, it is a wide beach and an excellent option for those who prefer quiet and isolation, ideal for nature lovers.


The coastline in the Costa Vicentina is essentially a rocky one, interrupted by long stretches of sand around the mouths of the main rivers and streams. Here, the freshwater mixes with the saltwater, making changes in the landscape and opening up possibilities of different life forms.

How to set up a bank account in Portugal

EU citizens by law may open a bank account in another EU-member country as long as you have documentation that proves you are an EU citizen and are resident in an EU country – and this includes Portugal.

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