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Percurso Cultural da Vila de Aljezur

Este percurso desenvolve-se pela zona histórica de Aljezur, passando também por uma zona de grande beleza paisagística que contorna todo o seu perímetro urbano.

The Eastern Algarve is still relatively under-developed and its small resorts have kept much of their original character.

The heart of the Algarve, the Central Algarve is a perfect holiday destination and a Mecca for those seeking sun, sand and sea.

As we prepare for our major event, the Algarve SUP Festival – Summer 2015, the issue of Carbon Credits has been raised, and we’ve been asked if we had made provision to voluntary purchase carbon credits?


Is the writing finally on the wall for fossil fuels?

In the last fortnight we’ve seen new rules on coal emissions in the US, the prospect of a cap on coal consumption in China, and a report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) highlighting the risks to fossil fuel investment.

We have attempted to answer some of the most common question asked by beginners in SUP. Here's a list of questions and answers.

This article is the result of a presentation in Loule in 2010 about the Exploration of Oil and Gas in the Algarve, where results of a so called study commissined by the oil industry was presented. As it was to be expected it is all PRO-OIL and GAS Exploration.

How to Ride a Wave with your SUP Board!

Now that you have been paddle boarding for a while, you may feel adventurous and want to experience ridding a wave with your SUP paddle board.

SUP Yoga and Other Types of Exercise

I can just hear you say … SUP Yoga and SUP Exercises, what’s next?

Well, if like many people (including myself) you just don’t like or don’t have time to join a gym, you now have a very nice alternative – take up Stand-Up Paddling (SUP).

SUP Flat Water Fun for the family

SUP Flat Water Fun for kids, mom, dad and seniors. When you are organising a family outing in the Algarve, it isn't always easy to pick activities to do, that everyone in your family will like.

Some Tips on How to SUP with Your Dog!

You love SUP but you also love spending time with your “Fido”. Now, there’s no reason why you can not enjoy both at the same time, all it takes is time, lots of patience and the love of getting wet. 

Many in the oil industry are often heard commenting:- “ Protesters are hypocrites because most depends on our industry to drive their cars, and until protesters against oil and gas exploration personally run their own lives without fossil fuels we are not prepared to consider their position about not extracting fossil fuels.”

Well not quite, but close enough. We going SUPing in the Algarve!

As usual we decided to do something that had never been done before – create an SUP (Stand-up paddle) event to cross the Algarve south coast from Sagres to Vila Real de Santo Antonio as a fund raiser for ASMAA.

With so much debate taking place regarding diminishing fishing stocks in the world oceans, we have to ask if anglers are our allies against over fishing. We can argue that the fishing sector government led policies is currently driven purely by big players with commercial and financial interests, without much focus on local job creation and local economic sustainability?


I have just read an article on the Huffington Post that really pleased me, as it places Lagos in front of their massive readership, but it needs some corrections. You can read their article and join their Facebook page, links are at the bottom of this article.

Some Useful Portuguese Fishing Vocabulary

It is hard enough to visit a country that speaks a different language than you, but if you do not have some basic portuguese fishing vocabulary it can be frustrating when you are looking for specific tackle or to just understand the local fishing community.

We have put together a short list to help you.

Sea Fishing in Portugal (Algarve)

Because of Portugal's location on the Continental Shelf – an underwater land platform which extends to between 80 and 160 Km out to the Atlantic Ocean - there is a wide variety of fish.

Freshwater Fishing in Portugal

An angler is allowed a maximum of two rods per licence. Anglers may have more than one licence at a time, allowing them to have four rods.

Fishing Licences in Portugal (Algarve)

A wide variety of fish can be found in the rivers and lakes of Portugal, in the onshore coastal waters and deep sea, where big-fish angling is possible. There are various competitions for men, women, juniors and disabled and several major fishing festivals through the year.

Surf a Growing Industry in the Algarve

The global surf tourism industry has grown significantly since the middle of the 20th century.

When measuring the economic scale of the surfing industry, including travel, surf-branded clothing, and the manufacture of surfboards, it has been estimated to be in the order of ten billion USD per annum with some ten million surfers worldwide.


Having visited the Algarve since 1979, I have seen the Algarve beautiful coastline transformed in a real concrete jungle since then, destroying the very reason that I and many other tourists visit the region year after year. Which is to enjoy its natural beauty, its nature and unspoiled spots.


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