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We have launched this campaign, as mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, aunts and uncles, friends of family … because we all disagree with the Portuguese government and the DGS guidelines, regarding health and safety policies and procedures applied to all schools across the country, during the reopening of schools.


In this campaign we provide the grounds why we believe that schools should open up, at full capacity, without social distancing or mask  usage requirements.



The campaign includes recommendations that schools should apply, instead of the covid19 unconstitutional laws for health and safety currently being implemented and promoted as the “new normal,” instead we strongly recommend the use of common sense with good hygiene practices.


We invite you to explore this section of our website.


Let's keep in mind, that the children of today are the adults of the future.

We all have a moral duty and responsibility to ensure that the next generation of adults do not carry with them trauma’s that will haunt them forever as a result of what in our opinion are irresponsible health policies being implemented currently.

Rise up ... our kids’ need us. Need our active voices and actions today.

The mental and physical health risks to our kids are real, but it’s not from a corona virus, but instead from the Orwellian policies being implemented in schools across the country.



Add your voice to ours.

Sign petitions, attend manifestations, speak-up in schools, speak up at local municipality public meetings, and speak to other mothers and fathers that have kids in your kids’ schools.





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