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Statement of Independence

ASMAA's management team has over the years observed how many NGO's compromised many of their values, not because they did not believe in a specific cause, but because undue pressure was applied on them by grantors, big donors or other interested parties - when actions that would fall within an NGO's social objectives conflicted with government, large corporations or foundations private agendas.


Many NGOs that found themselves in those conflicted positions had in fact their voices shut down, because either they do what the donors or grantors demands or they risk loosing their funding.  At the end of the day it boils down to economics of choice.


That does not meant that those NGOs do not deliver fantastic work. They do, but often they do so, in areas  that are not conflicting with their donors agendas.

To prevent ASMAA finding itself in a similar or the same position, as so many other well intended NGOs, we have made various policy decisions that we now share with you.


ASMAA management place independence as the most important policy, as it will enable us to:

  1.     Be totally impartial.
  2.     Not bow to pressure from governments, foundations or large corporations.
  3.     Be free of any indebtedness.
  4.     Reduce constraints.

ASMAA will not accept funds from large corporate sponsors, governments or foundations - so as to prevent being in a position of directly or indirectly having to shift our priorities to suit their personal agendas. 


Our staff recognizes the incredible amount of trust and hope, that comes with our members' donations and membership payments, and each and every member of ASMAA takes the responsibility of being excellent stewards of this hope and trust.


Here's how we allocate the association's funds:

Our target is to keep our expenditures in each of the following 3 categories as a percentage of all funds raised:

  1. Administration and governance - 1%
  2. Research and Campaigns - 75%
  3. Fundraising - 24%.


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