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These are the slides to a talk that Sabine gave at the 2015 Munin conference about problems with the scientific system and ways to solve them. The conference website is here http://site.uit.no/muninconf/


To really understand what is behind the "Green Energy" project, its imperative that we all take cognisance of what is being planned in the background away from prying eyes. An extract of the World Bank Report "The Growing Role of Minerals and Metals for a Low Carbon Future".


Before we look at the challenges ahead, we have to be fully cognisant that development of mining and oil & gas exploration is as an objective of the Portuguese Government. In 2012 the Portuguese government launched a national strategy for geological and mineral resources aimed at better identification, exploitation and protection of resources.


Expansion of Arctic oil drilling after ratification of the Paris climate agreement is labeled a 'dangerous act of hypocrisy'

Dia 18 Outubro 2016, junto à Fundação Oriente, dissemos NÃO ao Petróleo, ao gás natural e ao CETA, que a ganância de uns poucos compromete a vida de todos nós e a do Planeta. Por isso, convocámos uma manifestação para dia 12 de Novembro 2016.

In an unprecedented move, Norway one of the countries used by Portugal as a fantastic example to justify opening our ocean to oil and gas exploration, has been taken to court by Greenpeace and Nature & Youth.

Trashing the Planet for Natural Gas: Shale Gas Development Threatens Freshwater Sources, Likely Escalates Climate Destabilization a report by Karen Charman - December 2010

This report explores the environmental risks and climate change implications arising from shale gas extraction. It also outlines potential UK and global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the exploitation of shale reserves. A report by researchers at the Tyndall Centre University of Manchester

The authors evaluate the greenhouse gas footprint of natural gas obtained by high volume hydraulic fracturing from shale formations, focusing on methane emissions.

Debate at 14h00 about the oil and gas exploration in the Algarve. At municipal library. And so much more, don't miss it. Join all of us in this fight for the safety of our global climate. See you there.

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