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Over and above the threat of expropriation laws, there is another one. Changes to land laws, sees the removal of building rights from land and farms, with the result that many landowners may see their land being devalued significantly. Many smallholding (quintas) owners may be affected. Read on to find out more ...


Under the Economic and Social Stabilization Program (PEES - Programa de Estabilização Económica e Social), the Portuguese government has issued a new real estate expropriation law using the current economic crisis and the pandemic as the reason. This law went into effect on 23 February 2021, and will be in force until December 2022, although it could be subject to further extensions.

There are more than 1,000 scientific studies conducted by independent researchers from around the world concerning the biological effects of RF radiation on fetal and newborn development. Here we present some of the most recent ones.

In spite of all the challenges along the years since we started the anti-oil drilling campaign in 2009, the end result, is that we achieved what we set-up to achieve, which was to STOP all onshore and offshore drilling for oil & gas in Algarve.


Before we look at the challenges ahead, we have to be fully cognisant that development of mining and oil & gas exploration is as an objective of the Portuguese Government. In 2012 the Portuguese government launched a national strategy for geological and mineral resources aimed at better identification, exploitation and protection of resources.


Lisbon offices of the ENMC (the entity that authorises oil and gas drilling) and the DGEG (department of energy and geology) were searched earlier this week by PJ criminal police, on the basis of a ‘complaint’ made by Algarve anti-oil campaigners ASMAA.

Entrámos na primeira semana de 2019 com muito, mas mesmo muito trabalho em frente. Estamos já a preparar-nos para o nosso primeiro dia no tribunal de Loulé, porque fomos notificados pelo tribunal que uma audiência prévia está agendada para dia 11/02/2019, às 14:00 horas.

On 21 December 2018, the Portuguese parliament voted on proposals submitted by three political parties – The Bloco de Esquerda (Left Block), PAN and the Greens. It is interesting to note that only the proposal by the Greens (PEV) was approved, with the other two rejected. Let’s now look at what was proposed in more detail.

We start 2019 preparing for our first day in the Loulé court, which is scheduled for the 11th of February at 14h00 when a preliminary hearing will take place.

Opinion article by Laurinda Seabra in response to arguments that as the Portuguese government has been "democratically elected", they can do as they please. I disagree.

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