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A ASMAA anunciou a entrega da sua divisão social a uma ONG sediada em Londres, que teve lugar no dia 7 de julho de 2020. Leia o comunicado abaixo.

ASMAA announced the hand over of their social division to a London based NGO, effective from 7 July 2020. Read the announcement below.

Since Friday last week that we have been inundated with calls, messages, emails and Facebook contacts about an offshore oil exploration platform that is anchored just off Lagos/Portimao coastal area.

In spite of all the challenges along the years since we started the anti-oil drilling campaign in 2009, the end result, is that we achieved what we set-up to achieve, which was to STOP all onshore and offshore drilling for oil & gas in Algarve.

A ASMAA submeteu a sua resposta à Consulta Pública sobre o Relatório de Conformidade Ambiental do Projeto de Execução (RECAPE), do Projecto de Expansão do Terminal de contentores do Porto de Sines (TXXI) – 4ª Fase, requerendo que fosse declarada a caducidade da Declaração de Impacte Ambiental (DIA).
Denúncia de associação ASMAA em fevereiro de 2017 motiva apreensão de documentação na ENMC e na Direção-Geral de Energia.
Não há duvida de que parece ser fácil detalhar uma cronologia de acções ao longo do tempo, mas na realidade o que esta cronologia não inclui são as milhares de horas expandidas em pesquisas, analise de pareceres, estudos e opiniões obtidos.

There is no doubt that it seems easy to detail a chronology of legal actions over time, but in reality what this chronology does not include are the thousands of hours spent in research, analysis of opinions, studies and reports.

Last year, the government of Antonio Costa did a major restructuring, and we saw “energy” being taken away from the Ministry of Economy and transferred to the Environment Ministry. The Environment Ministry was then renamed as the Ministry of Environment and Energetic Transition (Ministério do Ambiente e da Transição Energética).

According to information released to a journalist on 4 February, the Galp / ENI concessionaires say that everything has, in fact, been suspended. And they stated that the withdrawal of the contracts from the DGEG website was only a formality that was already scheduled to take place on 31 January.

ASMAA takes this opportunity to inform all those who have been following the anti-oil drilling legal process currently taking place in the Administrative and Fiscal Court of Loulé, that the court hearing, scheduled for 11 February at 2:00 p.m., was canceled by the court yesterday.

A ASMAA informa todos os que têm seguido esta luta a decorrer no Tribunal Administrativo e Fiscal de Loulé, de que a audiência prévia, marcada para 11 de feveiro às 14h00, foi ontem cancelada pelo tribunal.
De acordo com informação divulgada a um jornalista no dia 4 fevereiro, as concessionárias Galp/ENI dizem que tudo foi, de facto, suspenso. E reafirmam que a retirada da página do DGEG foi apenas uma formalidade que já estava prevista no dia 31 de janeiro.

After last October GALP announced, and the Portuguese government publicly confirmed that they were giving up their interest in the Santola concession and abandoning the drilling in Aljezur, but all official requests for clarification have been ignored.

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