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Oilgarve: the facts / os factos

You have reached this page on our website because you followed a link in a Facebook page for a company allegedly operating in the Algarve THAT DOES NOT EXIST. Chegou a esta pagina porque seguiu um link numa pagina do Facebook que pretence a uma “companhia” de energia e petroleo que nao existe.


We woke-up on the 25 August 2015 to the fact that “someone” had “used” our anti-oil exploration campaign name "OILGARVE" and created a pro-oil Facebook page.


The situation as it stands:

1.    The alleged company Oilgarve Exploration Company, Ltd does not exist.
2.    The page was created by an individual living around Albufeira.
3.    What the real purpose of the new “Oilgarve” appears to be is unclear.
4.    The false "Oilgarve" Facebook page has been using the Internet domains www.oilgarve.pt initially and currently www.oilgarve.com fraudulently.



The facts:

1.    Oilgarve is the name of a campaign launched by ASMAA in 2012.
2.    The first posters created by ASMAA with “Oilgarve” have been distributed throughout the Algarve since September 2013.
3.    The ASMAA's “Oilgarve” posters are still being distributed in various towns.
4.    Over 80,000 ASMAA Oilgarve posters have been distributed since 2013 throughout the Algarve to date.
5.    ASMAA has purchased the domain oilgarve.org and two ASMAA campaign friends have purchased the domains oilgarve.com and oilgarve.pt


In the press:

Algarve Daily News: http://www.algarvedailynews.com/features/environment/6527-oilgarve-pro-oil-facebook-pages-are-a-pr-disaster
Algarve Resident: http://portugalresident.com/new-algarve-pro-oil-company-hails-former-international-arms-dealer-as-one-of-its-champions


The Real Facebook page for Oilgarve #AlgarveSaysNOtoOil



ASMAA's official Facebook page



The First Oilgarve Posters

 Poster 1


 Poster 2




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