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ASMAA launches “Food for Though …” campaign in Algarve in support of these in need of food, hygiene and cleaning products

The state of emergency created a situation of despair for many people due to the loss of jobs, businesses and disposable income. This situation results in many families and individuals facing the pains of hunger; as well as not having hygiene and household cleaning products in many households.

To respond to this very serious situation, ASMAA, in partnership with some associations, community groups and even people in their individual capacity, is creating a network of support across the Algarve, with a view to alleviate the risk of many falling into the poverty trap in the coming months.

In our estimation, the next few months will be critical for many people, for many families – especially these that have lost their source of income and have joined the rising number of unemployed.

ASMAA is doing everything possible to help those who need help right now, as well as those who will need support until the economic situation in the Algarve stabilizes, a situation that according to best scenario estimations may not happen before February 2021. (See graph below)


How you can get in touch with ASMAA

If you need support, or know of people who need support during this challenging time, please fill out the form attached to this publication and forward it via email to our association.

After we have received your request, you will be informed by email or telephone if we can help you, and if it is possible to help we will indicate who will contact you directly.

Don't go hungry! Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness are just as important as food! Because not only hunger kill ... Contact us now!



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Download the attached form in either PDF or Doc format, fill in your details and email it to us.


Download attachments:
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