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Now that both Australis and government have agreed that indeed an Environmental Impact Assessment is required for the two "fracking" exploration wells that they plan to drill early in 2019, and have called for comments on their proposed environmental reporting process, we have compiled a set of 5 guides to assist you. This guide is the last one in the set. This public consultation closes on the 27 November 2018. We extend an invite for you to take the time to participate.

In this basic guide we attempt to explain what are "Substantive" Environment Impact Comments, and why they are important in any environment impacts public consultation process.

Both European as well as Portuguese laws indicate the need for an Environmental Impact Assessment for specific type projects. Although the Portuguese government tried hard to by-pass the requirements for an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) for oil & gas exploration "Fracking" projects, the fact is that they are now complying.

Yes, you can indeed, raise any issue under the sun with no supportive evidence during an EIA public request for comments. However, your comment will carry much more weight (and not risk landing up in file 13 – i.e. the rubbish bin) if your comment is supported by evidence or facts.

Rather than making generalized statements about how the project will affect you, your community, or the surrounding environment, your comments will be more effective if they specify provisions of domestic laws and regulations that the EIA or proposed project violate.

ALERTA - NOTA DE IMPRENSA: A equipa da ERM Portugal, Consultores em Engenharia do Ambiente, Lda, que elaborou PDA, tem curriculo, a ser verdade o que se consignou como tal, mais que bastante para elaborar um documento de indúbitavel idóneadade, não fosse a isenção de responsabilidade aposta e que configura na parte incial, página 1, de ambos os documentos - Pombal e Batalha.

ALERTA - NOTA DE IMPRENSA: As Consultas Públicas a decorrer, sobre os furos de Batalha e Pombal não têm como propósito chegar-se à conclusão se deve ou não existir um Estudo de Impacto Ambiental (EIA), no âmbito do regime jurídico da AIA.

On Monday 30th October we woke-up to the news that Galp would be disinvesting from the Algarve. The news was spread all over the press, and welcomed by many mayors in local municipalities, other associations, platforms, community groups and the general public at large – except for ASMAA.

If it happens in Holland, be sure that with similar geology in Batalha and Pombal it will have the same impact in Portugal, but interestingly enough, earthquakes are not mentioned as a major risk in Australis documents submitted for public consultation ...

A atribuição da concessão entre o Estado português e a concessionária Australis Oil & Gas Portugal - Sociedade Unipessoal, Ltd., está a gerar preocupação nos cidadãos e nos eleitos do concelho de Alcobaça.

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