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Esta é uma longa e antiga história – mas que tem absolutamente de vir a lume.

São factos, provados, datados, referenciados, a que a ASMAA tem tido acesso na nossa incessante busca da verdade. Mas agora, chegou a altura certa de todos saberem que Portugal já sabe, há muito tempo, que recursos existem, aonde existem, o que foi feito e por quem, e quais os resultados obtidos. E a obter.

Poluição resolve-se, escassez de matérias primas é que não tem ‘plano B’. Ministro do ambiente diz que a poluição é a questão que menos o preocupa, pois é possível resolver "com capacidade de investimento", mas mostra-se preocupado com as matérias-primas.

Since we can remember, many government representatives, starting with the Prime Minister Antonio Costa to the minister of the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino, the likes of Minister of Environment, and many other less underlings continue with the same story line, that oil and gas exploration in Portugal is only “Pesquisa”, it is only "Exploration".

Não fosse a luta dos movimentos contra o petróleo, em particular no Algarve, e ainda hoje não saberíamos que contratos eram estes.

As a response to the proliferating evidence of the risks and harms of fracking—augmented by increasing concern about the many remaining uncertainties—various countries, states, and municipalities have instituted bans and moratoria.

This is a list of countries that has placed moratoriums on fracking over the years, or that has banned fracking outright in their countries. This list was compiled keepwatersafe.org.

Tina wrote the words below, but of everything I have read about why activists are born, the words below ... clearly explains who I am and why I am an activist. I could not do it better ... thank you Tina from Nanashire in the UK. (Laurinda Seabra)

'I had to leave' - Former state seismologist testifies that officials coerced him to alter research on induced quakes! This article are extracts from court document which you will find in the attachment section below.

Groningen has been one of Europe’s richest gas fields for 30 years, and thousands of people say their homes have been damaged by the tremors that drilling sets off. Now a class action may finally bring them compensation – and force a rethink of European energy security.

The Netherlands’ Government tells 200 companies they have four years to stop sourcing gas from Groningen field after increasingly significant earthquakes.

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