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On Thursday the 26 July (this past week), Antonio Costa during his interview on “5 para a meia noite” (Five to Midnight) on RTP, stated with a smirk on his face, that the drilling by ENI will happen.


O Primeiro Ministro, António Costa foi ao 5 Para a Meia Noite e depois do tema ser abordado algumas vezes, até com um sketch a Filomena perguntou:


Há momentos em que desejamos estar errados nas nossas previsões. Mas mais uma vez, todas as indicações são de que atingimos o prego na cabeça.

There are times when we wish that we were wrong in our predictions. But once again all indications are that we have hit the nail on the head.

On friday the long awaited news that the Saipem would be leaving, was confirmed. The Saipem 12000 will drill elsewhere says Cypriot minister. Now the real question is if it will go to Morocco or will come to the Alentejo Basin in the south of Portugal. We will just have to wait and see.

A notice that Turkish ships threatened to sink ENI's drill ship SAIPEM 12000, was in our opinion a missed opportunity to do some good for Portugal. Had it happened it would have really put a halt to ENI's attempt to drill our beautiful coast. At least for a while ... as it stands, the threat that the Saipem 12000 will be in Portuguese waters shortly is very real.

The Saipem 12000 Drillship three support vessels will carry out loading and unloading in the next three to four days as the drillship has anchored in international waters, about 17 nautical miles southeast of the port of Limassol.

Is it at all possible that ENI/Galp could still drill in the deep offshore off Aljezur’s coast in spite of all denials by government? Is it the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?

The CEO of GALP announced on 31 July 2017 during a press conference that it was Galp’s intention to drill in 2018 between April and June.

A SAIPEM anunciou no dia 1 junho que o navio de prospeção SAIPEM 12000 se deslocará para o Chipre no último trimestre de 2017 e a seguir para Portugal levando a cabo o furo que havia sido interrompido em 2016. A SAIPEM é a companhia contratada pela ENI para fazer o furo em frente a Aljezur, na Bacia do Alentejo.

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