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Deep-Offshore Oil Drilling: ASMAA Taking Portuguese Government to Court

ASMAA announced today that it is in process of taking legal action against the Portuguese government for breach of constitutional rights.


To this action, urgent injunction applications will be lodged to stop ENI and Galp scheduled offshore works in the concession areas of Santola, Lavagante and Gamba in 2018.


We are taking this drastic action, because it is clear - based on past performance - that both the government as well as oil companies view massive public opposition against offshore and onshore oil and gas drilling as of non consequence and immaterial, although we see it as a farewell party for humanity, the environment and local economies.

Over 42,000 individuals objected to a TUPEM licence being granted to ENI/Galp during a public consultation process in 2016. Their objections where ignored and a licence issued on 11 January 2017. ASMAA’s petition to the Portuguese parliament submitted on 22 June 2016, one year on, has still not been debated in a parliamentary session, nor has the DGRM followed petition legislated due process.

As human beings, and as parents and grandparents, we have a duty and responsibility to safeguard the future of our children and grandchildren, our environment and our economy. We cannot turn a blind eye to this attack on future generations survival and economic sustainability, nor on the destruction of our environment. We cannot allow governments and oil companies to continue on this path of future destruction.

The time to act responsibly is now!

We will be asking the courts to hold the Portuguese government accountable and to issue an order instructing them to rectify and change their current course of action. To instruct the Portuguese government to stop all oil and gas exploration in Portugal, both offshore as well as onshore. And to place an embargo on any further offshore works planned by Galp/ENI in 2018 pending the outcome of the principal legal action.


Note: You can download below copies of documents submitted by ENI to government bodies for project plan for 2018.


Download attachments:


+2 # Laetitia 2017-11-21 21:00
We are french and are going to live in Aljezur
Could we help you? I am lawyer in environmental law
Hope it's not too late I mean it's so crazy....just unbelievable
Thanks for being there
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0 # ASMAA 2017-11-21 21:25
[quote name="Laetitia"]Hello
Thank you for your support Laetitia, we've replied directly to you.

ASMAA management
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