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PSD, CDS and PS give green light to oil and gas exploration with help from PCP

Short report on how the votes went in the Portuguese Parliament on 11 May 2017, when the issue of oil exploration in Portugal was voted on.

 Both the proposals by the PSD and PS that are designed to proceed with oil and gas exploration endeavours in Portugal where approved.

Resolution project - Approved

Demanding "transparency in the process of fossil fuels exploration and the creation of a "Green Book". Reinforcement of technical and scientific human capital.

In favour: PSD, CDS-PP and PCP
Against: PS and PAN
Abtains: BE and PEV

Proposal new law by PS - Approved

The PS submitted a new law: "Consultation of municipal councils shall be obrigatory in all the oil and gas exploration phases during administrative procedural stages"

In favour: PCP
Against: PAN
Abtains: all the other parties

PCP proposal - parcially approved

The PCP proposal requested in point 1: the "suspension of oil and gas exploration efforts in the offshore of Aljezur, pending an reavulation at a national level of all existing oil and gas contracts nationally" and in point 2: recommended a reavaluation of actual environmental impact assement existent in all existing contracts. The second point was approved, the first one was rejected.

Verdes (Greens) proposal - Rejected

The "Verdes" requested the suspension of all current oil and gas contracts, and demanded the participation of the public and local communities. It was rejected with votes against do PSD and CDS-PP and the PS abstencion.

In favour: Verdes, PAN and BE
Against: PSD and CDS-PP
Abtains: PS

Proposal for a new law by BE and PAN that would have prevented any new oil and gas contracts being awarded in the future - Rejected

Votes against: PSD, PS, CDS-PP and PCP




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