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ASMAA petition against Galp/ENI’s TUPEM on the way to parliamentary debate

On Friday the 14 July 2017, ASMAA received the long awaited report from the petition moderator MP Hugo Costa (PS). (You can download it below)

Cutting through the 16-page report here’s a quick overview:

The report starts by reporting on the original submission, additional supporting documents and an overview of our presentation on the 23 February to MPs. (you can see all the petition documentation submitted here)

It then proceeded to highlight various proposals by political parties, notably the following:

  1. Projecto Lei nº 515/XIII/2 (PS) – proposed legislation – which was approved on 11 May 2017, which makes provision for previous consultation with local municipalities in relation to administrative processes relating to exploration and exploitation of fossil fuels.  This process is currently being analysed by the commission responsible for local authorities (Comissão de Ambiente, Ordenamento do Território, Descentralização, Poder Local e Habitação)
  2. The rejected Project Lei 497/XIII/2 (BE/PAN), which had demanded that no new fossil fuel concessions, would be granted in the future. (You can read about it here)
  3. Project de resolução 840/XIII/2 (PSD) – which proposed transparency in the fossil fuels exploration process and the creation of a green book that will reinforce technical and scientific support platform for political decision-making.
  4. And the Project de Resolução 846/XIII/2 (PCP) that requested the suspension of exploration of Aljezur coast by Galp/ENI pending a reassessment of concession contracts.

Annexed to the report is the Minister of the Sea long-awaited reply. (You can read more about it here.)

Comment by ASMAA

Its clear just by analysing the above, that the government has no intention of stopping oil and gas exploration.

We go further in that if one is to take into account the drive for “political career development” and upward mobility promoted by political parties and strongly embraced by most politicians, that it may result in local leadership, namely mayors and municipal councillors being tempted to follow established party lines rather than looking after the interests of their local constituents.

This is a risk that we all have to take cognisance off. It is political manoeuvring at national level to enforce national agendas locally by promoting the concept of looking after the few rather than the many.

A date for parliamentary debate in Parliament has not been set yet.

In the interim we suggest that you write to each and every MP demanding that the purpose of the petition be met and the TUPEM licence granted on 11 January 2017 to Galp/ENI be declared illegal and the licence cancelled.

Download the report in the attachment section below (Portuguese)



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