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ASMAA's "Let's Party" - 3rd Dec 2013 - Your Music Line-up

Look what we have lined-up for you for the ASMAA's first aniversary dinner on the 3rd of December 2013. Ray has been amazing getting everybody together and assisting us with all the musical planning.

We are so thankful that the following musicians have agreed to sparkler your evening with their performances. With music ranging from the 50's to the 90's with a drollop of country thrown in for good measure, it promises to be an evening to remember for a long time to come.


Line dance


I would not be surprised if it culminates with a bit of the American type Line-Dancing as well. Line Dancing if you do not know ... dates back to the 1950′s and was traditionally associated with country music – however that is not the case anymore, so let's see what our musicians have in store for all of us - and as much as we try to deny it – almost everyone loves to jump in line and get down on the floor.


Let me introduce them one by one.


The Saraband Duo - Ray Charsley and Sandie Croff

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Ray and Sandie got together in December 1979 after meeting at Kings Country Club in Eastbourne, Sussex. In those days Sandie was singing in the resident band "Meridian". Ray was in a local band that played occasionally at the club during the summer months by the name of "Sweet Illusion ".

They have been in the Algarve since 1988, so they are very much part of the locals. Although they are best know as part of "The Teds" they created the "Saraband-Duo" shorthly after they got here. They play dance and easy listening music, and have a vast range of music covering all years from the 50's to the 90's.  They have a huge list of rock and roll songs that they perform as well as some country and jazz.

We quite looking forward to listening to them as they entertain us during our dinner.


Next Let me Introduce you to Kai O Callaghan



Kai was born to Irish parents in 1969 and is the youngest of 4 brothers. He started playing guitar in 1983 and got his first guitar in March of the following year... Kai is a self taught musician, that start playing in the streets of his home town, but ended up recording his first demmo album in 1991.  He left England in 1999 to busk his way through Europe and ended up in Lagos, Portugal where he settled down to family life whilst building a reputation for live performances, guitar tutorial and music studio work.

He performs rock and roll, folk, country and blues. 

We look forward to hearing what he will be sharing with us after dinner.


And to Close-up the Evening We Have "Just John"

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And to close the evening we have "Just John".

Just John was born and raised in the south of the Netherlands, he moved to the Algarve fairly recently, having lived in Belgium for nine years, in a small town called Maaseik. He has been a big country fan all of his life and started performing seven years ago as a “one man band” playing in Western Saloons, restaurants, hotels and other locations in Belgium,Holland and Germany. His greatest experience was his performance in Lubbock Texas USA  during the annual Cowboy Symposium in 2009.

Originally, his music was inspired by the “older guys” like:  Don Williams, Kenny Rogers, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Jim Reeves, Willy Nelson etc. but to that he has added the music from the “newer generation” like: Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt, Dwight Yoakam, Randy Travis, Toby Keith etc.  Although Country Music is his favourite, he also likes to play the oldies from the sixtees and seventees.


Let' have some fun. Let the party begin ... see you there

Where? - at Adega da Marina - 3rd December 2013 - from 8h00pm

(bring your ticket with you ... no ticket ... no entry)


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