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Does the Galp spiderweb spread into the Pombal & Batalha concession areas as well?

On Monday 30th October we woke-up to the news that Galp would be disinvesting from the Algarve. The news was spread all over the press, and welcomed by many mayors in local municipalities, other associations, platforms, community groups and the general public at large – except for ASMAA.

As usual, we were cautious.


Since the news broke-out, we have been monitoring the financial press looking for a shareholders notices as after all both Galp and ENI are listed companies; we have been waiting for legal confirmation from the Loulé Court as part of our legal battles; we’ve watched Galp’s and ENI websites for press releases and we’ve monitored government websites for the removal of active contracts …


… but nowhere can we find any official information confirming that Galp or ENI did in fact disinvest and has no intention to carry on any further oil and gas exploration in Portugal. Nothing! Zero! Nada!


In spite of what anyone may believe. No! There’s NO VICTORY! Not even a small one … not yet!


Instead, we were surprised to read about an agreement between Galp and the University of Algarve (which you can read more about it here), and we were even more surprised to read about the fact that at least between 2012 and 2013 Galp was an active player in the Aljubarota gas exploration programs. (In Portuguese here, here and here)


Information is scarce about what happened between 2013 when Galp was on full steam to drill and the award of a contract in 2015 to Australis to drill in Aljubarrota. To say that we find this set of circumstances strange would be an understatement.


We have loads of answered questions.

Guess in time we’ll get to know more, but in the meantime one thing we are sure off currently, and that is, that so far, everything is running according to their plan, and it appears that the drilling in the Aljezur coast is still very much on schedule … whether Aljubarrota also features in their game plan, only time will tell.

But one thing is sure …

A Luta Continua!



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