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ENI and GALP fail to respond to the Fiscal and Administrative Court of Loulé on whether or not they have really withdraw from the Aljezur offshore drilling

After last October GALP announced, and the Portuguese government publicly confirmed that they were giving up their interest in the Santola concession and abandoning the drilling in Aljezur, but all official requests for clarification have been ignored.

The concessionaries GALP / ENI have twice failed to respond to requests for confirmation from the Administrative and Fiscal Tribunal of Loulé about the withdrawal, and the Secretary of State for Energy failed to provide a copy of the withdrawing letter of intent. This results in that the injunction brought forward by ASMAA to stop the drilling and the contracts is still continuing in the Loulé court. Leaving everyone with the possibility that there may be opaque negotiations taking place between the government and the oil companies to maintain the three oil concessions.


ASMAA – Algarve Surf & Maritime Activities Association, has an injunction currently proceeding regarding the Aljezur drilling in the Loulé TAF, which in fact should have ceased, with the announcement made by the Eni/Galp of termination of the contracts. However, the two requests by the TAF of Loulé received no response from the oil companies, which raises doubts about the real intentions of the companies.

The fact that the Ministry of the Environment replied on 20 December to the TAF of Loulé that this termination was "still under discussion and object of careful analysis, which is why it has not been definitively consolidated" and the Secretary of State for Energy, João Galamba, responding to PALP on January 20, that the resignation "has not yet produced the legal effects for which it is intended", "In this way, the deadline for said effects to take place, the process of analysis" raise enormous doubts regarding the outcome of the offshore Alentejo oil concessions.


There is a clear possibility that the government is renegotiating the contracts for all or only part of the concession area, as provided for in contracts and in the DL 109/94. The fact that GALP / ENI and the government maintain their opposition to the ASMAA judicial process, in addition to the lack of response to the judicial authorities, require clarification from the government authorities:

was there an official withdrawal from the Aljezur offshore drilling and renunciation of contracts? If so, why is this impasse remaining? If not, what is being hidden behind this lack of information?

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