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Gov/Galp/ENI versus the people: We have a court date!

We start 2019 preparing for our first day in the Loulé court, which is scheduled for the 11th of February at 14h00 when a preliminary hearing will take place.

A preliminary hearing, also often referred to as a preliminary examination, evidentiary hearing or probable cause hearing, is a proceeding to determine whether there is enough evidence to require a trial.


This means that our team will have to invest a lot of time and effort preparing for this day in court. But with it comes additional costs.



I know it’s not polite to ask for money, but we’re up against powerful enemies. It’s us on one side and a deep-pocketed government and big oil & gas corporations on the other.

The Portuguese government (and the oil company’s lobbyists) are trying to force oil and gas exploration on the people of Portugal. They have signed contracts that favour ONLY the corporations, and the government is in our opinion preparing another assault on the people after elections in October, when we expect the government to go out with international tenders that will see most of Portuguese costal areas and the sea being up for grabs by oil and gas exploration interests.

We are doing all we can to stop them getting their grubby hands on our sea and land. We know that they (government & lobbies) will continue during 2019 to work full-time to get their way - no matter what the cost is for the rest of us.

If we’ve got any chance of matching them, we have to put aside niceties for a minute and be honest. We need to be sure that we will have the funds to cover the increased costs that ASMAA will be facing. We need your ongoing support. If you made a regular donation to fund an effort that will match the giants we’re up against, we will be able to sleep better and to focus all our energies on this ongoing battle.

Every month we struggle to make sure we can meet all our financial commitments. Its soul and back breaking, and takes a lot of our energy away from focusing on what needs to be done to STOP them destroying our environment, our way of life and even our health.

Our funds are once again depleted and we enter 2019 with a legal debt of nearly 6,000€ for this anti-oil battle brought into the new fiscal year. While most people were enjoying a break between Christmas and New Year, our team was busy working, which means more costs were incurred.

2018 was a heavy year for us, and 2019 does not look like it’s going to be an easier one neither. But one thing is for sure; we kept the big oil business at bay once again last year. One more year in which there was NO DRILLING offshore or onshore.


But as we saw on the 21st December 2018 when the Portuguese Parliament voted against very good proposals submitted by two political parties (PAN and Bloco de Esquerda) - it left us in no doubt of the government intent for the future. It’s a clear indication that the fight is far from over, and that the government has no intention to stop this attack on the population, and on our environment. Click here to read more about it.

Which means that the fight must go on. We can expect to see more legal actions being needed in the future, because the government, driven by big oil interests and their lobbyists, just keeps on ignoring the will of the people. So it is up to all of us to keep on fighting … together with local councils and other really concerned grass root movements and caring associations.


But without some serious commitment now from YOU, we could lose the battle in 2019. As we enter the New Year, will you please make a regular donation to ASMAA one of your resolutions? Why not make a donation right NOW? We will use your donation to keep on standing up to the government and oil companies lobbyists who want to make Portugal a big oil exploration and fracking disaster area!




We invite you to take a minute and donate to assist our association to continue with our campaigns. We are a very small association staffed only by volunteers. ASMAA does not accept any money from government, political parties, foundations or from big business. We are funded mainly by small donations from members of the public. You can read more about our statement of independence by cliking here.

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REF: Say NO to Oil (includes legal)
REF: ASMAA (General costs)




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