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Oil Exploration: On 9 May new proposed law by BE and PAN to be debated in the Parliament

Tomorrow, 9 May, the Portuguese parliament is going to debate the proposal submitted by the Bloco de Esquerda and PAN, which if approved would see the end of all new oil and gas exploration concessions in Portugal. The proposal will then be voted after the debate in the parliamentary session.


Now let’s hope that there is strong enough political will to make it happen.


Whatever happens tomorrow when they vote, it will give us key indicators for our anti-oil drilling campaign during the upcoming municipal elections in all affected council areas in Portugal. The vote will give all of us a clear view of political stance on this issue and highlight the party line that its candidates will probably follow in the future, especially after the election period is over.


It is our intension to hold all candidates accountable for their position and to force this issue into the public arena in the run-up to the elections as one of the critical issues facing local communities. It is an opportunity for your individual voice to be heard ...


If you are a foreign individual in the Algarve or Alentejo, and have registered to vote in the upcoming  local elections, what happens tomorrow may guide you in selecting the right candidate for your vote.

As the debate will be held in Portuguese, for these of you that do not have command of the language we will write about the outcome tomorrow.


Looking back at the past five years, we realise how far we have came.

Starting with a massive blanket of secrecy around this issue early in 2012, it is humbling to see five years later how our non-stop awareness campaigns, and all of our actions, gave rise to an amazing uprise in the south of Portugal which spread across the nation with many others picking up the baton to fight this threat. So much has happened since then … and is still happening on a daily basis.

We thank the amazing support of fellow activists not only in Portugal but spread across the world, the Expat community, the visitors to our shores and the local population for all the support that you’ve given us. Because of you, ASMAA was able to make your voice heard across the country and to bring this issue to the fore.


Download the Bloco e do PAN proposal in Portuguese only in the attachment section of this article.

To follow the debate on live parliementary Portuguese TV: Click here



Download attachments:
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