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In spite of the fact that ASMAA, in June 2016, February and December 2017, represented 42,295 public objections in the Portuguese Parliament against the granting of drilling licence to ENI/Galp, a pack of big legal guns employed by ENI/Galp with the full support of the Portuguese government, is challenging the legitimacy of ASMAA’s Class Action, representing all those individuals and organisations that objected to the planned drilling in Aljezur.

O BE acusa Ruben Eiras de ter sido assessor da ministra enquanto trabalhava na Galp. Ana Paula Vitorino garante que dirigente cessou funções quando foi nomeado.

Terá Ruben Eiras mantido funções simultâneas na Galp e no gabinete da ministra do mar? Bloco de Esquerda quer saber se o atual diretor-geral de Política do Mar pode exercer a função. 

Fica por saber quanto é que a Galp manda dentro do Ministério do Mar, que age como procurador da petrolífera.

ENI threatens the Portuguese government by alluding that they may lay claim to 4M€ in compensation if drilling of Aljezur coast fails to get the green light to proceed. Alleging that it was the amount of money already spent in preparation for drilling.

A lot of ink has run in the mainstream press and other social media platforms about the alleged victory of PALP in the Loulé Administrative and Fiscal court on 13 August 2018. Let's look at the facts.

On August 14, (the same day that the Ministry of Sea contested the court decision on PALP's suspensive rule) ASMAA challenged in the Administrative and Fiscal Tribunal of Loulé (TAF) the decision by the Entidade Nacional Mercados Combustiveis (ENMC) dated January 9, as well as the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) public consultation report of May 16 2018.

No passado dia 14 de agosto, a ASMAA impugnou no Tribunal Administrativo e Fiscal de Loulé (TAF) a deliberação da Entidade Nacional para o Mercado dos Combustíveis (ENMC) datada de 9 de janeiro, bem como a impugnação do parecer da Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente (APA), de 16 de maio do corrente ano.

It’s just over a month before the ENI/GALP consortium starts drilling for oil near Aljezur, and there isn’t a glimpse of any concerted and efficient strategies nor any effective action plans being presented to the public by the Algarve municipalities through AMAL.

A pouco de mais de 1 mês do início da prospecção de petróleo ao largo de Aljezur, pelo consórcio Eni/Galp, não se vislumbra qualquer estratégia concertada e eficiente por parte de todos os Municípios Algarvios ou através da AMAL.

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