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On Monday 5 March a public consultation process has been opened by APA to assess the grounds and motivations for them to grant or reject the need of an Environmental Impact Assessment for the drilling of one well in the Santola concession area in the Alentejo Bay. This public consultation closes on 16 April.

Our day in court is now just around the corner and is fast approaching. But to be ready with a well-substantiated case, it has taken us nearly three years of background work: - to build the necessary support documentation files, as well as conducting extensive technical and legal research so as to identify the appropriate claims and arguments that can be used.

Sim, leu bem. O furo de petróleo ao largo de Aljezur: vai depender de decisão da APA.

Não tenhamos dúvidas de que o consórcio Eni/Galp quer avançar com o furo assim que receber todas as autorizações necessárias das Autoridades Competentes.

Aqui está o terceiro video sobre a exploração de petróleo em Portugal, que tem por título "Conteúdo Local (Local Content) - Siga o baile."

Aqui está o segundo video sobre a exploração de petróleo em Portugal, que tem por título "Legislação - Andam a dar-nos música."

Este é o primeiro de 5 videos que falarei sobre a exploração de petróleo em Portugal e a forma como o Estado Português tem conduzido os contractos existentes.

This is the last opportunity that we all have to put a STOP on Galp/ENI offshore drilling endeavours. And the only thing that will STOP them is a COURT ORDER. Nothing else! The time to ACT is NOW! Support us ... by donating to our legal and administrative expenses. If you want to help, get in touch with us. Thank you!

If we tried, we could not get a better plot for a movie series than to use the Portuguese oil exploration environment. I can guarantee that it would be a real box office buster and could even beat the success of the “Dallas” series.

For us the truth is: that the confusion around the Galp/ENI injunctions and principal court actions continues.

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