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Can you believe it? We are nearly one year old. And as we get closer to our first anniversary, the ASMAA team is saying thanks to all of you for your support until now. We have had quite an eventful year, but we couldn’t have reached where we are without you and your support! So we say THANKS!

thank you

Now, we are busy with our most important campaign to date the SAY NO TO OIL AND GAS IN THE ALGARVE if we are to SAVE THE ALGARVE from the worst economic and environmental disaster of the century.

We are working hard to ensure that all 300 000 people living and working in the Algarve have a future, that their children and grandchildren have a future. That YOU and YOUR family have a future!

The proposed Gas and Oil exploration WILL NOT CREATE JOBS to replace the ones lost in tourism, it will NOT CREATE WEALTH (MONEY) in your pocket unless we stand-up and demand changes to the contracts already signed! And there's nothing stoping us from doing that except money so that we can reach each and everyone!

Licences have been awarded to Repsol and Partex that gives them the right to “STEAL” your offshore assets, and the Portuguese government “GAVE-AWAY” what is rightfully YOURS - Not only between Vila Real de Santa Antonio and Faro, but between Vila Real and Sagres. We are of the opinion that the entire coastline has been grabbed in the biggest theft ever to take place in Portugal!

But most people living in the Algarve do not know that! They do not know that they will be losers - that they stand to loose everything - unless we reach each and everyone and share with them the facts, the risks, and what they can do to protect themselves.

To reach each one that lives in the Algarve we have to go to the streets, door to door. We have to cover every town, suburb and council area to inform all of what is happening in their own door step, in their own backyard - because nobody else is doing it. People don’t know what is happening; they don’t know or understand the risks facing all of us, but we are prepared to go out and shout about it if need be.

But to reach everyone it costs money! Money we do not have!

We need money for travelling, printing, postage and communications. Because we can not get any of these things for free! They cost money!

My team and I are prepared to do the admin, to go to the streets and do the walks; to spend the time away from our families, from our leisure, so that we can take the information to all that we can reach and are willing to listen … and yes, you can join us too on our walks.

So far we have reached about 10000 people in two months. But we need funds to continue to do that. The total costs of the campaign to date have been carried by a small number of people – these are people that believe in the worth of saving the Algarve for you, your family and your community. Do you believe that the Algarve economy and the environment is also worth saving?

Do you know that it costs 1000 Euros to reach 5000 people? It costs us 0,20 cents per person!  Your donation of 5 Euros will enable us to reach 25 people! 10 Euros will enable us to reach 50 people and 50 Euros will enable us to reach 250 people!


We only have until June 2014 to reach everyone! We need to reach 40000 people per month if we are to meet the target of talking to every single person in the Algarve. That is reaching 10000 people per week! 2000 people per day! 250 people per hour! We have planned a campaign that will enable us to do just that, but we need your support! Donate 5, 10 or 50 Euros to the campaign and stand a chance to win one of our three Christmas Hampers!


As we are getting closer to Christmas and to our first anniversary, we have decided to combine our aniversary and Christmas and to give you an opportunity to donate and to win one of 3 Christmas Hampers that we will be giving away on our anniversary dinner to be held on the 3 December 2013.


We can’t give each and everyone of you one hamper as a thank you (wish we could), but we can give away 3 hampers. So donate now to assist us to keep on working towards helping you, your family, your community, and the Algarve.

We will be giving the hampers away during the Dinner that will be held at a local restaurant. The Christmas Hampers will have loads of fun and exciting goodies and are valued at 250, 125 and 65 Euros. Each hamper will have everything you need to make your Christmas dinner a real fun one for you and your family. They have wines including Porto Wine, champagne, honey, “chouricos and presunto”, olive oil, olives, nuts and raisins, chocolates and sweets, cheeses, biscuits, and small surprise. presents.

For each 5 Euros that you donate to ASMAA, a piece of paper with your name will be put into a hat. During the dinner on the 3 December, 3 people will be the proud owners of the hampers.


Remember, your donation of 5 Euros will enable us to reach 25 people! 10 Euros will enable us to reach 50 people and 50 Euros will enable us to reach 250 people! And you could be the proud owner of ONE of our thank you Christmas Hampers.

You can also join us at the dinner, the cost of the dinner is 12,50 Euros per person. Let us know if you would like to attend. Send me an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can donate by paying directly into our bank account:

Account Holder: ASMAA Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association
NIB: 0038 0000 40309681771 32 (If you are in Portugal)
IBAN: PT50 0038 0000 40309681771 32 (International payments)
REF: Natal / Your Name

Please e-mail us proof of your payment so that we can issue you with a receipt. And if you joining us at the anniversary/Christmas Dinner let us know as soon as possible. We would love to have you there with us.


Thank you again, and  warmest regards

from Laurinda Seabra and the rest of the ASMAA team.



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