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XV Century Portuguese Sea Discoveries versus Portuguese XXI Century Ocean Discovery Program

ASMAA will be at the Discoveries Festival in Lagos, which will be held between the 28 April and 1 May. Our stand is in the main terrace next to the Infant statue facing the old army quarters. (next to D. Maria Church / seagulls swimming pool)

The festival theme focus on the XV century period of the Portuguese Discoveries, but ASMAA’s management will be focusing on linking the “old discovery period” to the “new discovery” planned for Portugal – i.e. “The Economy of the Sea, better known as the Blue Economy”, which is being “promoted” by government and lobbies as the saving of Portugal.


Just like in days past in which pirates controlled unchartered waters, currently Portugal is facing a new threat from “pirates” as Portugal once again ventures into unchartered waters through the development of deep sea mining and fossil fuels exploration projects. These projects are being marketed to the general population, and the future generation through targeted “education” programs under the banner of development of “dead resources”, an euphemism to brainwash unsuspecting citizens.


We believe its ASMAA’s duty to alert and inform the public and our future generations of the risks associated with the planned ocean development projects.

As a result we’ll be at this event, showcasing the current “pirates” who have their eyes on the Portuguese deep offshore resources … as well as sharing information about the current situation – oil exploration and deep sea mining.

Be informed … come and visit us at our stand!



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