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ASMAA is seeking new Board members!

This is a unique opportunity for you to play a leading role in an up and coming independent association in the Algarve. ASMAA is a multilingual and multicultural organisation and strives on its diversity of cultures.

Dear friends

We have received various notifications that some people are having problems accessing the petition site or signing the petition (getting a 505 Error for example), we could not understand why, so we got in touch with Change.Org.

Today, while I was distributing information about the anti-oil campaign in Algarve on Facebook, I came across Jane Goodhall’s quote: “The greatest danger to our future is apathy”; and that got me thinking!

Easter is an eagerly awaited festival for the Christians living throughout the world for other people Easter is seen as a great time to take a break from everyday issues, whatever your faith, we wish you all the best during this period.

Estamos muito contentes agora! Obrigado a todos que responderam ao nosso pedido ...

Obrigado a todos que doaram em janeiro . As suas doações no total de 948,02 € permitiu-nos pagar a nossa primeira tiragem dos materiais da campanha que chegaram hoje. (+ -30 % Da nossa impressão já cá está)

We are so excited! Thanks to all that heard our call …

Thanks to all that donated in January. Your donations totalling € 948,02 has enabled us to pay for our first print run of campaign materials which we will be receiving this week. (+-30% of our printing is now taken care of)

Opinion by Laurinda Seabra

When I first read this headline, to my mind come an old washing powder commercial in South Africa, “Its Good, Its Clean, Its Fresh, tra-la-la … which washes all your dirty linen whiter that white”. One must be forgiven for asking if Repsol/Partex is trying to "whitewash" the impact of their proposed gas and oil operations in the Algarve?

Let me begin by congratulating you all on your achievements and successes this year. As we all reflect on what transpired during the past year, let us continue to be grateful for all that we have - family, life, health and strength.

Looking back at all that happen in 2013, our first official year of operations - and boy, was it an eventful year? With our small team and loads of support from many people, we managed to hit the year running ... there just was no time to learn to crawl ;-)

Although we got involved in many small campaigns in the Algarve, the following were our primary projects during 2013.

We are well aware that the world will not end its dependence on oil overnight to meet our energy needs, but we believe that the phasing out of fossil fuels has to start today in Portugal – especially we have to stop the planned deep-sea oil and gas exploration and development which will negatively impact on our currently pristine Algarve waters and coast.


It has been brought to ASMAA's attention that the Portuguese government has passed a new law on the 22 November 2013, under the guise of the European Commission stipulation of higher standards for health and safety mechanisms - ensure that the production of shellfish is 'fit' for consumption - and which has resulted in the immediate downgrading of many shellfish production areas in the Algarve.

Look what we have lined-up for you for the ASMAA's first aniversary dinner on the 3rd of December 2013. Ray has been amazing getting everybody together and assisting us with all the musical planning.

We are so thankful that the following musicians have agreed to sparkler your evening with their performances. With music ranging from the 50's to the 90's with a drollop of country thrown in for good measure, it promises to be an evening to remember for a long time to come.


ASMAA convida-o para jantar e dançar a noite inteira no dia 3 de Dezembro de 2013 quando estamos na nossa festa de aniversario e de Natal no Restaurante Adega da Marina em Lagos. Ultimos 20 bilhetes agora desponiveis.

We are down to our last twenty tickets, so come and join us at what is sure to be the party of the year. ASMAA invites you to dine and dance the night away with us on the 3 December 2013 at Adega da Marina Restaurant in Lagos, as we commemorate our first anniversary and prepare to welcome Christmas.


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