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The Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, at an event on Saturday 18 March in Faro clearly demonstrated that he had to be badly briefed by his advisors on the subject of “Oil and gas exploration in the Algarve”, because the alternative is that he just blatantly lied to the Portuguese nation.

If there’s one process that smacks of “Trumpism” is the Galp/ENI Tupem application process. Why? Read on … an opinion by Laurinda Seabra.


In an atmosphere of disinformation in which real facts relating to the ENI/Galp TUPEM licensing have been kept from the public, ASMAA was shocked to discover today that on 11 January this year, the outgoing director general of DGRM Miguel Sequeira signed the ENI/GALP deep offshore TUPEM authorisation licence, which effectively allows the consortium to start drilling in the Alentejo Basin.

There are times when I wish my understanding of a situation was incorrect, and I was proven wrong - today, is one of these days. Since the notice that all contracts in the Algarve had been “cancelled” hit the newsstands all over the country in December, I’ve been warning that in my opinion, that was not the truth.

For the past year, I’ve been closely monitoring and informing about the intention by Galp and the government to proceed in spite of all objections and risks to the local economy, environment and people with the offshore drilling operations in the Algarve section of the Alentejo Basin.

An opinion by Laurinda Seabra, where she takes a look at the so called cancellation of of all oil and gas exploration contracts in the Algarve and the confusion it generated in the last few weeks ...

Many people has heard of us over the years, but many do still do not know much about us. In this article we will answer some of the most common questions that we’ve been asked.

Having followed Tesla’s development of its GigaFactory since the beginning, I am amazed at the misinterpretation of what Tesla really is. To really see the big picture, we need to go back to the beginning, we need to start connecting all the dots and challenge the various myths that abound.

In view of the fight against offshore and onshore oil and gas drilling, I have written an open letter to Elon Musk, CEO and founder of Tesla Motors and its innovating technologies.

Yesterday (29 November 2016), we met with AMAL representatives - Jorge Botelho (AMAL President / Mayor of Tavira), José Amarelinho (AMAL Vice-President / Mayor of Aljezur), Miguel Relvas (AMAL Secretary), and AMAL legal team represented by João Vidal.

This week has had loads of development in the ongoing Portfuel saga.

ASMAA representatives will be meeting with AMAL (Algarve Councils Association)  representatives on Tuesday 29 November 2016 at their offices in Faro to get up-to-date information about the two court interdicts lodged at the Loulé court by AMAL in July 2016 to stop the Galp/ENI offshore exploration drilling in the Aljezur offshore and the contracts with Sousa Cintra’s Portfuel which cover more than 50% of the Algarve onshore region.

Following on from representing Surfers for Cetaceans(S4C) outside the International Whaling Commission(IWC) in Slovenia, co-founder Howie Cooke, on invitation from Women for Whales and Laurinda Seabra (ASMAA), went to Lagos, Portugal to lend support to a broad resistance to offshore fracking, oil platform and deep-sea mining proposals in the Algarve.

ASMAA believes the time has come to run a regional referendum in the Algarve under its campaign program “Dar Voz ao Povo – Giving Voice to the People”.

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