About Us

About Us

ASMAA is a small but dynamic registered Portuguese private association run by volunteers that was created in 2012 with NIPC 510381952. Since then our primary objectives changed as we matured and grew. Along the way many successes where achieved and many challenges overcame.

ASMAA was instrumental in stopping oil and gas exploration in Portugal and many other local situations that arose along the way that impacted directly on the rights of individuals and communities.

Now in 2021, our focus is on the human rights of local communities rather than just dealing with single individual situations. Our core activities moving forward are focused on research, advocacy, lobbying, campaigning and taking action when required.

ASMAA uses experts who do accurate and facts-based research into human rights violations by governments and other actors. This analysis is, then, used to influence and press governments and decision-makers to undertake the necessary steps to stop or prevent human rights violations. We launch and manage campaigns; run advocacy programs using petitions, letters and actions.

ASMAA upholds the  universal human rights of all people, including the right to education, health, food, water, housing, work, as well as other economic, social and cultural rights that are essential to human dignity.