Lithium Mining is once again on the table. Words by PSD's MP Liliana Silva in the Portuguese Parlieament in Lisbon.

Serra da Argemela in the Covilhã destrict is one of these locations where fires and mining applications converge. (Video in Portuguese at the bottom of the page.)

The Australian company that applied for lithium prospecting in the Fojo area, which covers the municipalities of Monção, Melgaço and Arcos de Valdevez, has withdrawn its request.

Serra d'Arga, in Caminha, "is on the black list" of lithium. The alarm is being sounded by Liliana Silva, PSD deputy in the Portuguese Parliament.

Besides the concerns already mentioned in previous articles, about the threat of Lithium exploration in the Fojo area (Melgaço, Monção and Arcos de Valdevez), I am also concerned about the risks to Serra D'Arga.

The Directorate-General for Energy and Geology (DGEG) identified 11 areas in the territory with occurrences of lithium mineralization.

The mayor of Viana do Castelo announced that the municipality gave a favorable opinion to the request for lithium prospecting in the northern part of the county by an Australian company.