Stop threats to private property in Portugal - Ownership & building rights.

Stop threats to private property in Portugal - Ownership & building rights.

A new Expropriation Law was passed on 23 February 2021 that poses a serious threat to fixed property ownership rights in Portugal.

Sign this petition to show your support for ASMAA’s efforts, and to enable us to take this petition to the Portuguese government, so that property owners voices can be heard.


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The people have the right to be heard!

We cannot let the PS led government get away with silently slipping the new (upgraded) Expropriation Bill into Law without any public consultation - because that is precisely what they have done - but the law can be challenged.

So lets challenge them.

This law enables the Portuguese government to “grab” any fixed property that you own – once they claim it’s of “national public interest”. 

This law is in our opinion a law “made to order” by obscure and/or vested business interests, and not in the interest of the ordinary people who are property owners!

We want answers … and so should you!

Here are some of the ASMAA’s concerns with this new Expropriation Law:

  • It offers government unlimited powers to simply expropriate your fixed property (under the excuse of being for “National Public Interest”).
  • It is heavily weighted in favor of the Portuguese government.
  • It provides very little details in terms of oversight opportunity by independent experts to ensure fairness for ordinary property owners in Portugal.
  • It can impact on all fixed property owners rights.
  • History has shown that we cannot trust our Portuguese government. A government that is seen by many as being heavily corrupted.

How can we expect the Portuguese government to fairly deal with affected property owners, looking after owner’s interest and rights, if we do not all raise our voices?

But expropriation is NOT THE ONLY legal threat. There are new laws that will remove the right to build on your land, even if you previously had such a right!

Alert - Is your Property at Risk of Expropriation?

Nova Lei dá Carta Branca ao Governo Portugês para "Expropriar" todo o tipo de imóveis.

Alert - New law in Portugal penalizes landowners and investors

But those two laws are NOT the only ones impacting on your rights to own and build on your own land.

Fixed Property / Immovable Property

  • "Fixed Property means fixed property means land, together with improvements affixed thereto, and includes any share or unit in a company which confers a right to or an interest in the use of immovable property, and, in relation to a property time- sharing scheme, any time-sharing interest, and any real right in any such land, unit, share or time-sharing interest."

What type of National Interest projects could see YOUR property being expropriated?

  • Lithium Mining (and many other mining projects)
  • 5G and 6G infrastructures (Telecommunications)
  • The old fracking risk (Onshore oil and gas exploration – the contracts are gone but the exploration areas remain – risk of new tenders)
  • Mass agricultural projects
  • Mega Solar parks and other power grids (EDP for example)
  • Airports and other major infrastructure construction projects such as roads, etc.
  • etc, etc, etc...